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[Closed] is the end of the world as we know it

WHO: Sora and Knock Out
WHERE: Sora's room
WHEN After the Firsforget announced the incoming end of the world
WHAT: Knock Out wants to make sure Sora stay out of trouble. He might as well ask for the moon too.

[He knocked at the door and waited, hoping it wasn't too late and the Kid was already out doing something stupid that could get him killed.

Things weren't looking great out there. There were no zombie predacons roaring outside the temples (yet), so that was a small relief. He couldn't believe it was happening again. ]
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[ well Knock Out shouldn't have worried. yet. Sora hadn't quite gotten around to getting out but hearing the knock on the door? that reminds him about the LAST TIME something big had really been going on.

so when he opens the door, it's so that he can pretty much dart out it as fast as he can. ]

Hi Knock Out! By Knock Out!
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[ gonna pick him up too? because c'mon, Knock Out. he has places to be! ]

Well... There's stuff going on, right? I can't just sit at home.
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[ that's not fair, Knock Out. using your size to your advantage... ]

Kinda wouldn't be the first time. I wanna help save this one too.
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[ Knock Out is free to meander about. though Sora might be wiggling around to get off of his shoulder either way. ]

I fought a giant ship before. It can't be bigger than that.