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[OPEN] drink yourself dead

WHERE: The bar.
WHEN After that big news about Unicron coming is dropped. What fun.
WHAT: Everyone's doomed. We're all gonna die. Why not drink until you can't remember that fact!

[Well this was it. This was the end of everything, and of course he'd end up back just to see it. What could any of them do against someone like Unicron? Unicron was the reason he ate people, and that hadn't even been on purpose! Yeah, there was nothing any of them would be able to do... And that wasn't even thinking about how his glyph had been acting odd and making him feel a bit off. He'd just stick inside the bar, making drinks until they all died. Not like he'd be much help anywhere else. Maybe it would get his mind off the incoming doom.

Probably not though.]

[Go forth and tag around. Make your own threads, hijack other ones, anything and everything!]
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Well I'm not anymore! I had something of an image change when I left. I guess.
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But you're so--

[he actually thought drift was kind of neat. oh well, guess not you DIRTY EXCON]

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Yes, seriously. Why would I make something like that up? Why would anyone ever want to make something like that up?

[but Sentinel Drift is kind of neat 8(]
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I don't know you just... don't really expect someone who was giggling and splashing Blurr in the pools to have that sort of a history, I guess.

[HE'S TOO SHOCKED TO BE AN ASSHOLE ABOUT IT, just wait for the shock to slowly wear off.]
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I can see why you'd think that. I used to be... I was different. A lot different.

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[ugh what does he do he's never met an ex-con before UGH

fuck it, another cube down the hatch. he's too fucked up over unicron to do this properly.]
Con...gratualtions on not getting killed for defecting? I don't...
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You know what, that is an accomplishment. I'll take the congratulations.

[and BOOM just like that Drift's in a pretty okay mood again. And swiping another cube even though he was. Y'know. Done.]
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That's not--

[a pause.] Why did you even defect?

[sentinel just assumes drift would be open about it seeing as he's a DIRTY EX CON WHO SHOULDN'T HIDE THINGS]
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[GOOD ASSUMPTION Drift honestly feels the same way.]

Well, uh. I don't know what the Decepticons from your world were like, but ours didn't start off as something bad. They just wanted equality for all Cybertronians. That's not a bad thing, it's what drew me in in the first place.

Somewhere down the line, The Decepticons lost their way, they morphed into something terrible. For a long time, I hadn't even realized it. I just adapted to everything that was changing around me. It wasn't until I met Wing that I realized what I was doing, that I wasn't fighting for the same goals as I was in the beginning. I couldn't stay with them after that.
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That's the slag Megatron spews - and has been spewing for 14 million years! How did you miss that?!
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Wait. Fourteen million? For us it was only like four million.

["ONLY" but yeah]

Look, I just... I didn't know any better. I was homeless, I had to steal energon just to survive, the only friend I had back then was murdered by Autobot law enforcement, and the Senate was corrupt and nobody wasn't doing anything to help us. Megatron promised change, equality. It doesn't excuse his actions or what he became in later years, don't get me wrong, but back then he had everything I wanted.
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Wow, you had Megatron for 6 million years less than us and your universe still sucks.

[he's drunk okay his commentary isn't as TOP NOTCH as it usually is.]
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[Drift seems dumbfounded by this statement for a moment]

Well. At least it only took us four million years to beat him.

[Suck it Sentinel.]
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[a pause]

10 million.

...And it was the fifth war in Cybertron's history.

[HUH WOW maybe his own universe IS terrible]
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[lol look at you doing math.]

...Y'know, I'm starting to think that, as a whole, Cybertronians are really just horrible. All we do is fight and destroy each other and other people.
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I was going to argue but then I remembered there's a ancient chaos death god of Cybertronian origin waiting to eat us all.
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Oh yeah. That.

[That's kind of a big deal isn't it.]

We'll have a proper debate later. Y'know, assuming we survive.
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You'd better. I'm pretty sure I'd get sectioned if I stood and started yelling at your grave because you're an idiot with terrible opinions.

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[It might not be appropriate to laugh but fuck it he's doing it anyway.]

Don't worry, I'll make sure you're able to shout it right into my face.

[Drift will survive too IT IS DECIDED]
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[he doesn't say anything but downs another cube.

sorry buddy but sentinel is sort of convinced they're all going to die horribly]
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[Drift's having his own doubts about this, but if there's one thing he's good at, it's bullshitting positivity.]

Is there anyone you want to spend a little time with?
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[what's a nice way of saying 'no-one here'?]

I was... sitting on my own for a reason.

[kinda sheepish. oh my god. he has no friends and he's going to die alone. HAHAHAHAH]
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[AW MAN Drift looks ACTUALLY SAD that's terrible.]

Well. If you don't mind the company of someone like me, I'm happy to stick around for a while.
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[he bristles slightly, time 2 get on the defense because EW EMOTIONS]

No. Go back to Wing.
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[Drift looks like he's a bit on the apprehensive side. On the one hand, YEAH he really really wants to talk to Wing, but on the other hand, he'd feel really bad about leaving Sentinel alone. Uuugh decisions are hard.]

I... I probably should.


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