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[OPEN] drink yourself dead

WHERE: The bar.
WHEN After that big news about Unicron coming is dropped. What fun.
WHAT: Everyone's doomed. We're all gonna die. Why not drink until you can't remember that fact!

[Well this was it. This was the end of everything, and of course he'd end up back just to see it. What could any of them do against someone like Unicron? Unicron was the reason he ate people, and that hadn't even been on purpose! Yeah, there was nothing any of them would be able to do... And that wasn't even thinking about how his glyph had been acting odd and making him feel a bit off. He'd just stick inside the bar, making drinks until they all died. Not like he'd be much help anywhere else. Maybe it would get his mind off the incoming doom.

Probably not though.]

[Go forth and tag around. Make your own threads, hijack other ones, anything and everything!]
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Might be your last chance, don't waste it complaining.

[You get used to it after a while.] You act like this is the first time you saw Unicron. It is?
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I have an exceptionally good record when it comes to survival. I'm not worried about myself.

[It's everyone else he's fretting over, because he's a worrier. Uuugh.]

But yeah, first time.
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That's a good trait to have, I think we both share it.

[That other 'worrying over everyone' trait, he doesn't have. He does care about certain people, though.] And we both already talked about past mistakes we regret, so tell me know, is there something you regret not doing? Thee might be still time.
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There are people that I feel deserve that sort of luck more than I do, but it is what it is, I guess.

[Wow that was negative huh. moving on.]

Things I regret not doing?

[Drift had to stop and think about that. He swirled the liquid in his cube idly as he thought.]

Sure, I guess. It mostly feeds into all the things I regret doing, though. Not following certain advice, things like that.
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Oh cut it off with the self pity. I have enough with dead End. I got it, you are a great, non selfish guy, now stop it. Does anybody here know how to have a semi good time before our lives end in a terrible painful way, or what?

[Sheesh Drift, just stop. Knock Out sounded more than a bit stressed. He's going to get himself a new glass of energon, it's a good thing that there's a lot in the table.]

That's all? There must be something else. Or someone.
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Was I being too dramatic? Sorry, I wasn't really going for self pity.

[Drift gives Knock Out a weak smile before finishing off the contents of his cube and setting it aside.]

I guess I'd always regretted not thanking Wing for everything he'd done for me before he died, but he's here now, and I've had a chance to do that. There's more that I could say to him, but I don't know how to bring any of it up.

I suppose I also regret never being able to come to terms with who I am, or who I was. I'm not really at peace with myself, on a spiritual level. I'm not ready to die.
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It's alright, I forgive you because you are too pretty to be mad at you for long.

[He's half joking, half serious. Meh, Knock Out has nothing to lose so he flirts. The medic smiles in return.]

If sure you can find a way, even if it's hard. A drink might give you courage. [U NO TOUCHING YOUR CUBE, MATE. WHY?]

I'm not sure if I am ready, I just know I don't want to. [He takes a long sip of his drink.] But we can work on your problem. You are angry with your past self?
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[Drift lets out an amused snort. Okay the flirting is kind of funny. also HIS CUBE IS EMPTY NOW KNOCK OUT THIS IS A PROBLEM maybe you should FIX IT.]

I think I've had enough to drink. [He totally hasn't.]

This probably isn't the best time for psychology, but whatever, if the world's about to end anyway... Yeah, I guess I am. There's nobody I hate more in this universe or any other than myself. I've been trying to come to terms with it, and I think I've really made some progress.

But it's hard.
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[The flirting is always a good thing. See it as praising, Drift. AND NO WORRIES, he's more than happy to fill that again for you. Cheers~]

Is that so?

It might be the last time, if it's of any consolation. [He knows it isn't.] You can admit that to yourself, it's a step. What do you think you need to do to be able to forgive yourself?

Trust me, I know.
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<small.[NO KNOCK OUT DON'T POUR HIM ANOTHER DRINK ugh fine do it but it's YOUR fault if he gets totally wasted]</small>

I don't <i>know</i>, that's the problem. I think it's the problem. That and I think part of me doesn't <i>want</i> to forgive myself, like it's not my place to grant myself forgiveness. Does that make sense?
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[YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT and he doesn't want to drink alone.
And yes, yes it would be. You are welcome.

Knock Out's silent for a few seconds.] It does. You might subconsciously sabotaging yourself because you don't think you deserve to be forgiven or happy.

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[well fuck it DOWN THE HATCH.]

I don't know how to stop thinking that way. I mean, I want to. I really do.

What do you think?
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Because HTML is a stupid bitch. But it's okay hon <3

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[Good boy!]

I wish I could tell you, I have a similar problem myself. having a conscience sucks. Why no one warned us about that when we left the Cons? [Taking another long sip of his cube because boy, doesn't he need it right now.]

It's think...I think now it's all balancing the bad and the good things. You know humans have that weird thing called karma? And you and me got all the bad sort of it? Well we need to compensate it..and I think that's it. You have been doing better than me in that aspect.
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On the plus side, we aren't still with them? Always look on the bright side, right?

[Well as bright a side as this is, what with the end of the world right around the corner and all.]

Better than you? What makes you think that?
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/pats/ There, there...

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And so far none of them killed us either. That alone deserves a toast.

[Psh, let's forget about that little detail. The end of the world is outside where all is chaos and sober people.]

To begin with, you have that 'I will save everyone and risk my life all the time, also look at my long swords and my nice aft' attitude. It's really irritating.

[He's half serious half joking. That's Knock Out for you.] You make us all look bad in comparison.
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...I mean, that's a really specific attitude. What is it about my aft, anyway?

[HE DOESN'T GET IT. SIGH. ANYWAY. he shrugs and gives knock Out a sheepish grin]

Well, I certainly don't mean to. I guess it's all a part of my desperate plot to make people like me. It's kind of pathetic, really.
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And you manage to pull it, double congrats! [He raises his cube briefly before taking a sip.] It's almost as nice as mine, that's it. Almost.

[Bless you, Drift. You are too cute for your own good sometimes.]

It seems to be working for others. And I like you despite it, if it helps any.