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02 \\ OPEN

WHO: The Spine and anyone
WHERE: The Spine had meant to head from the Junkpile back to the Hub but in his current condition it's easy to imagine him wandering elsewhere without realizing it.
WHEN: March 16th
WHAT: Someone's sick, oops.
WARNINGS: The Spine is a dork, does that count?

The discovery of the strange formation of brown crystals didn't even strike the bot as odd. Who was he to say what was normal to find and what wasn't? What he hadn't found so far was any sign of instruments, and itching to put his fingers to guitar strings that was what his thoughts were on. Musing if maybe someone else that had arrived had found or made one, or if they knew where one might be. Something to think about, maybe he'd put out a call later on.

But he certainly should have gotten back to the Hub by now. Even on foot he wasn't that slow... except for the fact that apparently he'd stopped walking without realizing. A hiccup in the multitasking protocols more than likely, easy enough to shrug off. Unlike the way the world was starting to sway around him. Various alerts cropping up to warn him of the sudden imbalance he was suffering, the titanium automaton letting out a startled billow of steam as he tried to shift his stance so his servos would re-align with which way was up. At least that was the plan.

What happened instead was his vision blurring to static for an alarming moment, and anyone nearby would have seen the robot suddenly stumbling, foot catching and sending him to the ground in a heap, steam curling from vents and along the vertebrae protruding from his back.
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     Making his usual rounds, the flashy Autobot sped along, always opting for taking the scenic route back to Prima's if it allowed him an excuse to drive a bit longer. Something pinged his radar then, so he opted to check it out. That was the responsible thing to do, after all.

     He slowed down on his approach once he had a visual on the figure on the ground. That certainly didn't look very good! Not even bothering to stop, Hot Rod transformed once he gauged himself close enough to do so, covering the last bit of distance between him and the fallen automaton in several large steps.

     "Hey! You okay?" he asked as he crouched beside The Spine.
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     The little metal man seemed to be able to move and talk, so that was good at the very least!

     "You got me. I was hoping you could explain- you were on the ground when I saw you." The Spine's response wasn't a very good one. All that steam, was that normal?

     Hot Rod extended a hand to offer helping the automaton to his feet, if he could manage it.
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     Well, that couldn't be good. Hot Rod couldn't bring his other hand over in time to catch the other, not that it had been a far distance to fall.

     "Wonder if that weird...sickness? Is still going around. It wasn't too long ago, but something was affecting both organics and non-organics. In any case, maybe you should get checked up or something," Hot Rod suggested. "How long have you been like this?"
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     The Autobot wasn't quite sure what one was supposed to do when you got sick. It usually wasn't something to worry about, but apparently that wasn't the case around here.

     ...which led him to wonder if it might be contagious. He shook his head. Now wasn't the time to worry about such things. Besides, he couldn't just leave the guy, now could he?

     "Come on. We should probably get you to the clinic to get checked out."
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     That wasn't the most reassuring sign, and Hot Rod didn't need any medical experience to tell him as much. He was pretty good at repairs, but things like this were beyond him. Best to let someone look into it that knew what they were doing.

     "Okay, I'll get you there right away." Although it didn't seem like this guy was budging, so Hot Rod doubted he would be able to climb into a vehicle. "...just hang on, okay? And sorry if this doesn't help for your dizziness, but it'll be real quick, promise."

     Because he was going to carefully scoop up The Spine before ducking into his alt-mode with the smaller bot seated at the wheel.
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     With an uneasy chuckle, Hot Rod had to agree to that. "I'll say..."

     With a queasy passenger aboard, the Autobot figured that it would probably be best to stick to smoother ground and use what roads they had. His engine revving, he started forward, reminding himself not to go too fast either.

     "So what's your name anyway? I'm Hot Rod."
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     "That's true, but I guess around here, anything goes. But it's nice to meet you too, uh, The Spine?"

     The lights on his dashboard flickered and synched with the words spoken, steering wheel turning subtly to keep them on track. Solus' temple shouldn't be too long to get to, especially not when you're driving.

     "So you don't have any idea how you could've gotten like this? What were you doing before I found you?"

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[Yes, anyone nearby would have seen the robot stumbling and falling or at least would have noticed the sound it made or the steam curling around him but Knock Out was in car mode. And he was not only distracted but driving really, really fast.

It was pure luck that he didn't run The spine over as he passed by him, fast as lighting. It took him a few seconds to process that he saw some blurry thing in the ground. The car stopped. Curiosity won and he finally decided to drive back and take a look at what it was.]
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[Probably not. But knowing him, he most likely tried something equally stupid as running over titanium in the past.

Knock Out sees the organic looking man, at least the was the same size as the average human here, and changed back to robot mode before approaching it.]

Are you dead? [Knock Out: all sense and sensibility.]
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[There could be pocking if you don't answer and he has really pointy claw-like fingers. Talking is a better option.]

Oh, good then. Corpses end smelling. You are new here, that much is obvious. I never saw you before..[You really look odd for a human.] Not feeling so hot, hm? Are you overcharged?
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I didn't mean overcharged in the literal sense. [Yeah, humans don't steam. He's familiar enough with their anatomy to know that.

Knock Out shakes his head and moves to pick him up from the ground.He will do it really carefully if the man lets him.]

I'll drag you to the medbay. [If only so people can say he let you out there to die.] How lucky of you that it was a medic who found you.

So, what's your story? You are not human as I first thought. Or are you only partially human, like Albert?
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[He does notice the overheading and knows way too well that is not a good sign. The Spines's far more ligth heavy than Knock Out expected him to be.]

Mine's Knock Out. I can't say I've meet many steampuck robots like you before. Did you wake up here all of sudden or you was trying to get away from the acolytes in the temple? [He's seen newbies try to do really stupid things when they arrive and get scared, like head straight to the Badlands.]

Can you be sumerged under water or that will fry your circuits? Trion's Lake is closer than Solus's temple and perhaps it will be good if we lower your temperature before we try to reach the medbay.
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I see. You have a glyph and that means you are one of the welcomed visitors. [You don't want to know what happens to those who arrived without a mark.]

We would get there faster if I changed into my alt mode, I'm sure you can fit inside. You seems to have caught the same as Sora.

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