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The Spine ([personal profile] eyestothesky) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2014-03-17 11:01 pm

02 \\ OPEN

WHO: The Spine and anyone
WHERE: The Spine had meant to head from the Junkpile back to the Hub but in his current condition it's easy to imagine him wandering elsewhere without realizing it.
WHEN: March 16th
WHAT: Someone's sick, oops.
WARNINGS: The Spine is a dork, does that count?

The discovery of the strange formation of brown crystals didn't even strike the bot as odd. Who was he to say what was normal to find and what wasn't? What he hadn't found so far was any sign of instruments, and itching to put his fingers to guitar strings that was what his thoughts were on. Musing if maybe someone else that had arrived had found or made one, or if they knew where one might be. Something to think about, maybe he'd put out a call later on.

But he certainly should have gotten back to the Hub by now. Even on foot he wasn't that slow... except for the fact that apparently he'd stopped walking without realizing. A hiccup in the multitasking protocols more than likely, easy enough to shrug off. Unlike the way the world was starting to sway around him. Various alerts cropping up to warn him of the sudden imbalance he was suffering, the titanium automaton letting out a startled billow of steam as he tried to shift his stance so his servos would re-align with which way was up. At least that was the plan.

What happened instead was his vision blurring to static for an alarming moment, and anyone nearby would have seen the robot suddenly stumbling, foot catching and sending him to the ground in a heap, steam curling from vents and along the vertebrae protruding from his back.

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