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WHO: Sentinel and Knock Out
WHERE: Starting off outside Solus' temple.
WHEN: Late afternoon
WHAT: Sentinel and Knock Out experiment the first effects of the colored energons
WARNINGS: Lots of absurdity. And probalby robots danclanging but that will be a fade to black so use your imagination.

There's was no better way to finish a long day than paying a visit to Rarity's spa, in Knock Out's opinion. That always brightened his mood as well as his finish. Once he was done, he decided to take a walk rather than go straight to his room.

That was when he found a small growth of pink crystals clustered the Spa's building. He took one of them, studying it. The medic got used to see some mechs here drink pink-ish energon but he never saw it in a raw state lying around.]
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[claw hands or not, sentinel was feeling fantastic after ingesting that green energon. the two were obviously not related, as he doesn't need any stupid science-y energon slag to feel good about himself. so good, in fact, he's completely abandoned any notion of "danger". pssh, who needs to care about that when you're this goddamn awesome.

sorry knock out, he's going to completely just walk right into you. why didn't YOU move?]
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What? No, you should pay more attention to your surroundings! Idiot.

[no why are you looking at him like that WHAT

sentinel raises an optic ridge and motions for knock out to move.]

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never :T

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Knock Out.

[sentinel puts his hand on knock out's shoulder...

... and shoves him out the way.]
I think you vastly overestimate how much I care.
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[he scowls slightly at the mention of his hands.] I do.

[and scowls EVEN HARDER when he's pulled in.] Knowing you? No, I don't want to buff some tiny scratch out your back.
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[he gets it, he's just... really confused.]

Wait, you're not joking?
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Nnnot really?

[not even entirely a lie! but fuck it, why not he feels AWESOME.]

I honestly thought you'd be more subtle.
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[wow. that was gay as hell.]

That-- [SIGH.] Look, just- you're joking, right? This is a joke. You're joking.
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[oh good, because sentinel won't let him live it down.]



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Uh huh. If that's what you wanna call it.

[uuugh are they gonna do the kissing thing FINE]
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[REALLY DEEP LONG SUFFERING SIGH, then he hesitantly follows.]

Sure. Just don't stab me.
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Uh huh. Sure.


good job that green energon coursing through his robo-veins is pushing him in the direction of "HELL YES"! this sure would be awkward otherwise.]
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You're a hero. Of course.


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do u wanna fade to black soon

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[he'll just barge past you. let's just get this over with OK OK.]

BOOM FADEOUT because i am a wuss

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