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Knock Out ([personal profile] deadlydoctor) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2014-03-16 06:26 pm


WHO: Sentinel and Knock Out
WHERE: Starting off outside Solus' temple.
WHEN: Late afternoon
WHAT: Sentinel and Knock Out experiment the first effects of the colored energons
WARNINGS: Lots of absurdity. And probalby robots danclanging but that will be a fade to black so use your imagination.

There's was no better way to finish a long day than paying a visit to Rarity's spa, in Knock Out's opinion. That always brightened his mood as well as his finish. Once he was done, he decided to take a walk rather than go straight to his room.

That was when he found a small growth of pink crystals clustered the Spa's building. He took one of them, studying it. The medic got used to see some mechs here drink pink-ish energon but he never saw it in a raw state lying around.]

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