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Where had he been?

That was not an easy question to answer. He'd been out here, of course, but that did not explain why. He didn't have any reason to be out here. He'd just been...


He'd been waiting. He'd been hoping that someone would come wandering back from the badlands, or hoping that something would fall down from the lambda that he recognized, or hoping that something would go right.

"I have been waiting too long." He dipped his head, ashamed. "But it has felt so wrong to return empty handed. I have made so many mistakes."

He had held the police force together for so long, but then there'd been Prowl. He hadn't even seen that coming.

"I thought we were built to know what to do in difficult situations...but I do not. I do not know what to do right now."

Kagerou was one of the few people he felt he could admit that to. They'd been through so much together, here.

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