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[Closed] Share and share alike

WHO: Perceptor, Wing and Drift
WHERE: Vector's tower, Wing and Drift's room
WHEN: Shortly following this.
WHAT: Wing doesn't want Perceptor excluded from Drift's life. Neither does Drift or Perceptor! Now they figure out how it all works.
WARNINGS: All the shippy things you can imagine? Probably angst, schmoop and stuff in-between.

Wing cruised the air currents in pace with Perceptor, low to the ground but at a companionable distance. Not certain whether the scientist had seen this part of the Haven yet or not, he called out points of interest along the way via comm link. The white crystal bridges and cables of the temple environs shone in the sun as they entered the rock framed gorge that is Vector Prim's primary domain. Once inside, Wing pointed out as much as he could on the way to lift, an elevator with nothing but a simple railing that ascends the hollow interior of the tower.

Playing tour guide might seem odd given the measure of seriousness in what's ahead, but keeping things light and companionable is what Wing prefers. For himself and Perceptor. He wants, desperately to make this work and be a benefit to everyone.

Wing's quarters, now housing Drift as well, are near the top of the tower, high enough that they crest the edge of the gorge and can be touched by the rising sun. His balcony doors, as always, are open to the fresh air, the long tail of a red pennant marking his landing point flapping idly in a small breeze. He's cleared out most of the books, and even a fair amount of the colored glass collection he'd assembled, keeping on the best pieces and on the balcony where the sun would catch them. The berth seems more sized for a mech like Ultra Magnus, indeed most of the whole room does, which might be Wing's secret in getting ceilings so tall as well.

Wing enters, telling Perceptor to make himself at home, gesturing to the two chairs near the small table (thankfully, of more average size). He pulls the Great Sword from his back, stowing in a rack on the wall before claiming one of the chairs himself. That probably leaves Drift with the berth, but well, it's fitting?
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Perceptor is glad for Wing's running commentary, pointing out the various features, explaining the various structures. It's keeping him from dwelling to much on what could go wrong.

Rather, it's keeping him from dwelling too much on the possibility of alienating Drift and losing him. Again.

Wing quarters are both like, and unlike, what he'd expected. Spacious, with high ceilings, but, somehow, Perceptor had imagined him with more... effects. More belongings or trinkets. The colored glass he could see through the balcony door seem fitting, but Perceptor had expected a mech with Wing's natural ebullience and cheer to... to collect things.

It suddenly strikes him why he'd been expecting it: Wing reminds Perceptor, just a little, of the way he used to be once upon a time. When every strange crystal and every flicker of aurora would fill him with a curious wonder that he would giddily examine and cheerfully share with anyone. He'd been a bit of a pack-rat, then, collecting anything that sparked his scientific curiosity. That's why he'd expected to see the walls filled with shelves of bits of oddities and sparkling wonders.

Perceptor settles to the seat Wing offers, and sets the decanter and glasses upon the table.

"You have an extraordinary view, here."

Not much one for small talk, anyway, he's finding it even harder, now. Here.
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guys i am so sorry but yesterday kinda sucked i'm here now though ;-;

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It was still weird living with Wing, in part because he's a Cybertronian magpie. And the jet has cleared the place of the piles of fabrics and mounds of books Drift remembers, but he hoped that that wasn't a bad thing. He kind of liked the cozy chaos, so different from his own quarters, which had basically been him and a few cans of fruit...and that unfortunate outfit from the time he had turned human. Which Wing had carefully stowed in a closet, and as Drift enters, he has a sudden fear/hope that Perceptor doesn't, you know, ask too many questions about the frilly big skirt.

The other two are already there, and he takes a moment to try to read the mood between them...before remembering he had absolutely zero ability to do that sort of thing.

"Uh. Hi."
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No need to apologize! *HUGS TIGHTLY*

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Perceptor can't help but snort softly at the "well, this time around." He wonders just how many "waves" of "refugees" have arrived here - and failed.

He won't allow Drift or Wing to become failures. No matter what it takes.

"Only five?" He's about to comment about how lonely that must have been - which would have been so wonderfully smooth, even for him, in light of Wing's sudden burst of homesickness. But Drift enters and saves him for making an (even bigger) ass of himself.


He means it as a greeting, but, belatedly, realizes that his soft voice makes the name sound more like I love you. He coughs, embarrassed, and fiddles with the glasses as he mutters, "Hello."

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"It's something that they had all these empty rooms in the first place." Oh, he likes Vector well enough, but who in their right mind just has a large series of guest rooms in their palaces? Maybe it was common in Cybertron before the war, and he just never saw it, down in the gutters, but he kind of doubts it.

He can tell, by looking at them that they've spoken to each other before and it makes him suspect, strongly, that he was a topic of conversation. Because why else this meeting? And he can't help but feel they've been comparing notes, and looking at them both, all he can think is how he's let them both down, how wonderful they were and how little he deserved them.

He nods, around a lump in his throat. "Engex would be good. Yeah." A lot of it.
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And so Wing misses out on Perceptor angsting about Drift being infected with Red Rust, and wanting to coddle Drift. Sounds like a good thing, all around.

"Well, having rooms ready to put their 'guests' means that they can keep a closer optic on us all," Perceptor offers as he begins filling the glasses. "Easier to keep us from wandering where they don't want us to see. At least at first."

He's learned to be a cynic. It was rather a harsh lesson.

He slides a glass to Wing, first, and then hold another out to Drift. Not because he's too lazy to stand up and walk over to hand Drift his, but because he wants Drift to come to... to them. Sort of a symbol. Kind of.

Perceptor wishes that they had a third chair now. And he hopes there's enough Engex, because this could get rather tense. Scratch that. It already is rather tense.

"We spoke." He waves the hand not occupied with the glass he's holding out for Drift to indicate Wing. "About... uh... us." Another wave, to include Drift now, too. All three of them.

Even when he'd still been a talker, this would have been unbearably difficult.
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And so Drift totally doesn't miss out on writhing in mortification about the whole Red Rust thing and the whole Pharma poisoning him thing and the whole Liege hating him leaking all over his floors...thing.

He nods at Perceptor's words. "Closer eye with the rooms and all the Acolytes." Not that he's suspicious or anything.

Hey, Perceptor: Drift needs that engex WAY more than Wing does, but he recognizes the ploy, stepping forward to take the glass.

And then finds that he's...too nervous to throw the whole contents down his throat, holding the glass nervously, fingers seeking out the traces of heat from Perceptor's touch.

"Oh. Us." Sure, there's no way that's not just a bucket of awkward. Drift looks around and spots the only open space on the berth, oozing over into it, trying not to hide the sudden weakness in his knees. Zombies? Spidarghs? no problem! Relationships? Total wuss.

"So." And then he runs out of things to say, staring nervously at the engex in his glass.
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Let's not tell Perceptor about any of that. He tends to be protective of "his" mechs, and has fewer moral and ethical compunctions than Wing does. Pharma... might wake up a bit... altered one day if he knew. Or, Pharma might not wake up at all.

Hey, he'll get better, right?


"I am leaving Liege's temple to move here," Perceptor blurts out, then frowns. He waves a hand around the room. "Not here, here," he corrects hurriedly, "but here, to Vector's temple. This floor."

He doesn't want either of them to think that he's expecting to just barge right in to their lives, entirely, and just insert himself. He's grateful just to have the chance to hover around the edges and maybe slowly slide into an orbit of their relationship, really.

He takes a fast, hard swallow of his Engex, needing a bit of it's flush to fortify himself.


"You asked me to... to be open to the idea of... To be willing to... be happy. Wing asked me the same."

He's fiddling with his glass again, and a hint of the mech he was before that day on Turmoil's ship peeks out as he shyly glances between both Drift and Wing.

"I would like to make the attempt. Please."
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SO! Silent agreement that spares Drift some dignity and keeps Perceptor out of trouble with Liege for bumping off one of his own mechs? Sorted.

He nods, still a little uncomfortable. "I just worry that one day they're going to call in all this, like a debt."

For someone who's never had much, it's hard to let go of the idea that everything given has a price.

He looks between the two of them, takes his glass to his mouth, but barely manages to wet his suddenly parched mouth before lowering it, blinking.

"Wh-why are you asking me?" He controls neither of them: all he wants is for everyone to be happy, and now, he's acutely aware how much they're offering, and to him, the one who probably least deserves it.
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Well, good. Pharma deserved it.

"A debt. For being brought here against our will." Perceptor scowls down into his glass. He wouldn't be surprised.

Well, of course Perceptor's question was directed more at Drift than Wing.

"Because I already asked Wing?" Perceptor replies softly, wondering if he's already managed to ruin everything. Of course, it was less Perceptor asking, and more Wing seeing through him and offering. But, still, Perceptor is nervously contemplating the complicated tangle he's made of this, wondering if it's too late to slink off and hide. He's put Drift on the spot, which isn't fair to Drift, for one thing... and might unduly pressure Drift into accepting something that he's uncomfortable with, for another.

He shouldn't have agreed to meet Wing. He should have kept his distance, and been content to simply be friends, even distantly, with Drift.

Perceptor nods, the stoic mask slipping into place again to hide his burgeoning misery. Drift had seemed to encourage this when they'd spoken alone when Perceptor had first arrived. Before Wing had been injured in the cave. Things could have changed, though, with the fright of nearly having lost Wing.

Or maybe Perceptor misread everything? Or did something that made Drift change his mind?

Drift... he trust implicitly. With everything. It's himself he doesn't trust.

He nods in agreement with Wing. Just be happy, Drift.

"How.... however that takes."
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"They can help us. Vector brought me back when I died." And then, you know, merely Grimly Lectured him when he'd killed Prism, instead of handing him over to Megatronus. It was something, he supposed. But Perceptor could probably tell how torn he was. He hated relying on anyone, hated the idea of letting someone down.

Least of all these two.

He stares at his battered hands, at the energon in the glass, and takes a long swallow of it. It's called 'liquid courage', right? He could use some right now.

Well, he could use some going down the right way, right now, which he doesn't get, so he spends an awkward moment coughing, energon burning in his throat. Wow they've...really hitched their wagon to a dorky star.

"So. Uh." *cough* "How do we do this?" That's a yes, without actually having to choke out the syllable.
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"Stop dying. It isn't allowed," Perceptor growls softly. He doesn't care if the Firstforged can bring Drift back... IF they choose to, and what happens if suddenly Vector no longer wishes to? Even if Vector would, Drift shouldn't be endangering himself that much. Perceptor's fuel pump can't take it.

As for that "dorky star", Perceptor is hardly one to talk. Pun not really intended. But Drift... has agreed. He's agreed in that gruff way of his that speaks of Drift acting as he truly feels, and not as he thinks others want him to act. He's agreed in that oblique way of reaching for something without trying to be obvious, as if in fear of having it snatched away simply for wanting it, which speaks so much of his life on the streets. Perceptor can only really guess at most of that History; Drift hasn't shared much. Only enough to hint at so very much more. Only enough that it makes it easier to spot those foibles of the badly abused mech he'd once been.

Perceptor's mask softens with an air of quiet wonder. Drift has agreed, and Wing has agreed, and Perceptor... gets to touch that forbidden dream once again.

"It's all right, Wing," he murmurs quietly. "You're allowing... It's more than fair."

It's so much more than he'd ever hoped to have.

He should let them have time together now, to cement what they have before complicating the dynamic. He's an intruder here, even if both Wing and Drift allow it, and though it makes his circuits burn with envy and a desperate hunger to think about Wing and Drift together, he should leave them to themselves for now. It's only fair.

He can't seem to make himself move, though, and his optics keep sliding back toward Drift, drinking him in. He wants a taste. Just a taste, and then he'll leave them to themselves for now. It's fair. Only fair, to let them have this time for each other and not force them to accept his intrusion so quickly. Just a taste, a small kiss, and he'll... maybe go and try to find a room to claim. On the floor, but far enough away that they all maintain their privacy? So he doesn't have to hear them together - Drift deserves happiness, oh yes, but Perceptor is no saint to smile as Drift seeks another so ardently - but he can be close to Drift.

"May I..." The question trails off; he doesn't know how to ask Wing without making Drift sound like a possession - which he isn't - or how to ask Drift without seeming to ignore Wing - which he can't.
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"It's not like I planned it." Sheesh. All right, so Drift didn't have a great track record of, you know, thinking through consequences. Or safe behavior. But still.

He clears his throat, finally and then puts the glass of energon down as far away from him as he can. See? No dying? Already working on that.

"I think, you know, in the circumstances, it's better to be more together than not." Because, Wing, he is considering taping himself to you after that little stunt you pulled. Because you don't get to die, either.

He has no idea what Perceptor's talking about, other than the whole 'nearly choking to death on energon' thing he just did. "I'm fine, really. But if you want...?"
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If Perceptor were a better mech, he would consider that this is Wing's room, too, not just Drift's, and, really, it had been Wing's first. But given the go-ahead from both Wing and Drift - even if the latter may not really understand what he's just agreed to - Perceptor's only thought is to salve that ache in him that Wing has so succinctly noted. Hunger flares bright and hot.

He rises, absently waving Wing back to his seat as he stalks forward, toward Drift. The bashful, reserved scientist is gone; Perceptor's optics flash with the driven sniper that guards Drift as he slips through the shadows, hunting Swarm.

The Hunter advances on Drift.

Perceptor's optics dim as he dips his head toward Drift's, one hand sliding up behind Drift's collar, the other curling over Drift's hip possessively. He's missed this. He's missed this so much.

He's forgotten Wing, forgotten the Firstforged, forgotten everything, as he tastes the engex Drift had just had on Drift's lips, and then deepens the kiss.
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"Yes." And here's Drift trying on his 'stern warning' look, aka Ultra Magnus Lite. Because 'not as planned' pretty much could explain Wing's recent near-death 'adventure'. "Especially if you go off by yourself."

Lalallala that's Drift totally ignoring all the times he's emoflounced out to the badlands on his own. Those...don't count. Because, uh, because he didn't die. So there.

All he knows is that they're both just so much better at this than he was: making arrangements, talking about emotions, dealing with...stuff.

Drift was no good with stuff. Unless it needed to be stabbed.

He tries to come up with something witty, or romantic, or just not utterly stupid to say, as Perceptor approached, but Perceptor's quick thinking spared all of them what would have been an abject failure, and all he could do was make a muffled note of surprise at the mouthplates pressing against his.
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Oh, don't worry, Wing; there will be more shyly reserved advances later. Right now, though, Perceptor is starving, and needs a taste. Shy and demure stands no chance against that hunger.

There's also, perhaps, just a little part of him that is still angry at having been left behind when Drift had left the Wreckers. A tiny kernel of sullen fury that stokes the hunter from within. Perceptor's fingertips curl tightly against Drift's hip, holding him tight as he nips at the lip component he's sucked between his own.

Just one kiss. Yes. Just one kiss, he reminds himself as he cups the back of Drift's helm in one tense hand.
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"Sounds reasonable." Oh, was Drift supposed to notice any hypocrisy in castigating Wing about going off alone and getting hurt? Someone forgot to tell Drift to take off his Double Standard glasses.

And Drift's all too aware of how he left the Wreckers, how he'd left Perceptor, and the distance it had caused between them. He'd meant it to protect Perceptor, to keep him safe from, well, Drift and all his clumsiness.

Which he's evincing here, the way one hand clutches at the sniper's shoulder, engine giving a soft rev.
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Drift? Take off your Double Standard glasses. Give them to Perceptor. He's going to need them when he goes haring off into the wild blue yonder beyond Haven in that other post. Slash fourth wall.

Perceptor nips at Drift's lip again, pulling him more deeply into the kiss for a moment as he grinds himself against Drift. He wants... more. Everything. But something's off.

It's the faint glimpse of white edging out of his field of vision to one side that reminds him. Wing. Oh yes. Wing. This is... this is Wing's room. And Drift's, too, but Wing's.

"Don't," he manages to growl softly, lifting his hand from Drift's hip to wave vaguely in Wing's direction. He can't quite seem to drag himself away from Drift, completely, his lip components brushing against Drift's as he adds in a harsh murmur, "Wasn't going to..."

Perceptor leans in to rub his cheek against Drift's cheek for a moment as he shudders, trying to reign himself in.

"Wasn't going to evict you. Your room." Because, as tempting as it would be to pin Drift to the wall, it would be rude, and Perceptor isn't quite gone enough to be that rude.

Tempting as it is.

"I'll go." His field lashing against Drift's says that leaving is the last thing he wants to do. "We can... later."

Maybe after Perceptor has picked out his own room. It would only be a door or two away, but it would be his as opposed to Wing's.
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Perceptor will have to pry the Double Standard glasses off Drift's cold...yeah no. But no haring off by yourself. :| That's Drift's schtick, get your own.

He blinks, aware of something going on around him.

"Wait. What? Wh-why does anyone have to leave? Isn't that like...the opposite of sharing?"

Don't confuse Drift. It's sort of like kicking a puppy.

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sorry for the delay!

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Wing gets to be the first individual besides Drift to see this particular smile of Perceptor's... the one of tender fondness he bends down upon Drift at that softly confused question. It cools a bit of the heat, the Hunter slowly ducking back into hiding, peeking out from behind that softer look, but not altogether hiding him.

"Greedy," Perceptor teases quietly, nipping at Drift's lip again. The look he flicks at Wing, though, and that beckoning finger, urging Wing to take up the empty spot behind Drift, is quite serious. And quite unmistakable.

What are you waiting for? You heard what he said.

And then he slides that hand back into place on Drift's hip, and dives in for another long, deep kiss.
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actually no my turn and also we're pushing the rating of the game

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Drift's suddenly nervous because Wing's certainly, uh, painting a picture there. A picture he's not sure he can live up to.

That's a metaphor that's probably been shoved in a blender, but, yeah, nervous.

And also the last time Wing left...he nearly died. So leaving his sight, not a good thing. "It''s up to you?" And he's grateful for the kiss so he doesn't have to say anything else probably dumb.