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WHO: Blurr and whoever
WHERE: The bar
WHEN: Afternoon - night.
WHAT: There's different options, check below c:

The more he looked, the more he discovered, the clearer it was that Magnus was nowhere to be found. That Saber was gone and that his room was empty again because his roommate went missing too. Blurr got as close to the badlands as he could looking for them but he came back to the Haven alone each time.

He wanted to explore further but due to all the recent events he was always afraid of leaving for too long. There was always some problem or another. Barricade told him that he had to reduce his stress levels and Blurr, for once, tried to listen. He worked at the bar almost each night now, trying to keep his mind occupied.

[At the bar - Middle of the night]

Drinks, drinks and more drinks. When Blurr was not mixing drink or cleaning, he was juggling cubes at a very high speed to increase his reflexes. He still needed some more practice mixing different grades of energon but at least nothing exploded anymore.

[Closing - late night]

Fun was over and it was time to restock the bar, clean and make sure that those who were too overcharged could find their way out. Blurr rubbed his helm, tired, and looked around. Then up. Then he frowned.

How that cube got stuck to the ceiling he had no idea but it was going to be a pain to get out. Even while standing on the counter and stretching his arms he was too short to reach it.

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