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[Open] Six o'clock in the morning

WHO: Wing, Drift as he wakes, open after that!
WHERE: Medibay at Solus's temple
WHEN: Roughly now. Following this and this.
WHAT: Wing, long overdue from an investigative outing in the wastelands, recovers in Medibay after being rescued.
WARNINGS: None yet.

He'd thought it a service, investigating the ghosts of refugees past, hoping it'd help protect Haven's current residents better. What Wing hadn't considered was his own protection. Ghosts can't harm you right? The one he and Drift had encountered hadn't even known they were there.

The animated bodies of those mechs though, corrupted by tainted energon and emitting an aura of oppressive weakness, were an entirely different story. It was the last thing the jet expected, and though he vaguely remembered taking down two of them, in the end, to his horror, he'd been overwhelmed. Only ingenuity and a stubborn determination born from remembering how much he had to live for had prevented his untimely end.

Wing remembers laying there, alone in that corrupted place but determined not to fade out He's not even sure how much time passed before Drift's group found him. He was barely lucid for the trip back and slipped into a blissful stasis while Ambulon did his work.

His wounds, ugly and vile looking, the plating and internals discolored by the tainted weapons and hands that dealt the damage, were slow to heal. Even once stripped of the tainted armor, he remained fevered, his auto repair running hard to fix the remaining damage that seemed to resist it. A fuel transfusion tenaciously applied by Ambulon seemed to do the trick, purging the last of that taint.

Several days later he finally wakes, his wounds repaired and feeling refreshed. Weak, but strangely giddy from the fresh fuel that flows in his lines. It's making him anxious to be out and doing things, catching up on all he's missed in the weeks he's been gone. Ambulon's insisted on at least one day of observation however, or until the weakness finally passes, so he's stuck in medibay for the time being.

At least he's allowed visitors?
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Drift is doing his best to be unobtrusive, but he's been here the whole time, day and night, leaving only long enough to step out in the hall to refuel. It was foolish superstition, perhaps, that he could keep Wing's spark in his body by sheer force of will. But he can't bear to leave: he's lost Vandal, in all of this. He can't lose Wing, too.

He wishes he had more than basic medical knowledge, wished he could do more than fuss over the machines and devices linking Wing to life.

So when he hears the first scuff behind him, he turns, optics lit with hope.
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He heard the word an instant before it was uttered, as though snatching it out of the bond between them. Because there had to be a bond, at this point, of history and present, of longing and loss. He had felt Wing's absence like a pull over that tiny scar of spark chamber, rubbing it idly, as one would the mark of a kiss and that spot seemed to throb with light as he turns.

He controls himself--barely--moving to Wing's side, trying and failing to keep the worry from his optics. "You need Ambulon?" He needs...probably anyone but Drift, right now, who'd let him go too long.
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Drift tries to follow the line of Wing's optics, the reach of that unsteady hand, turning to look behind him, and seeing only wall before he finally makes the connection.



He nearly leaps forward, taking twitching hand in both of his, as though he could push strength and life into Wing's body through contact.

"" Good job, Drift, with the pronouns. He shakes his head, trying again. He wants to ask, to know everything, but not all at once. "I missed you." Finally.
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"What happened?" He blurts the question, a litte too fast, from worry that he's been repressing all this time, having to keep it together in front of Perceptor and Captain Marvelous. He doesn't blame Wing for looking: it was a mystery that needed looking into. "I mean, we searched the caves before. What didn't we find?"
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He takes in the wincing, optics flicking over to an oil-spray bottle on a side table.

"Yeah, not normal." Understatement. "But," he frowns, "did you, uh, recognize them?" Because one looked like Overclock, absolutely.
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Drift releases one hand from its grip over Wing's, to scoop gently behind the jet's back, all too aware how fragile Wing's body might be. The movement brings them nearer, almost close enough to kiss, and for a moment, he's tempted, mouth lifting in anticipation before he turns his head aside.

"How can he be a ghost and, well...a zombie?" Because you can't be both, can you? And the larger question: "Did we wake them up when we took the datapad?"
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Drift's mouth compresses to a thin line as Wing groans, tempted to call for Ambulon. What little first aid he knows doesn't help much here. But Wing doesn't give him much time or room for decision, and besides, he's content enough to take Wing's weight, just to feel a humming, alive system against his.

"It looked, for a bit, that they were trying to protect something, prevent us from getting deeper into the caves." Which of course in Drift-speak means he really wants to know what.

He shutters his optics, briefly. "I don't know. It wasn't in his body." He looked, trust him. "It's something we all need to worry about."
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"We...uh, a lot. Perceptor figured a way to set them on fire." He frowns. He'd been glad for it at the time, but now? "I think...if that was Overclock's body, the others must have been, well...the others."

Killed twice. Drift couldn't imagine much worse.

"If this is Unicron, the First Forged should have said something by now."

Right? He's trying to have faith in the First Forged, because, well, what other choice did they have?

He returns the hug, almost too tight for a moment before easing off. The last thing he wants is a lecture from Ambulon about damaging Wing with his 'exuberance'. He could imagine the slightly fussy way Ambulon would say it, too.

"I just..felt something was wrong." And he doesn't want to mention the tight grip of Wing's hand when they'd found him. It seemed too intimate.
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"No, we were fine." Which means 'not killed' in Drift-speak. Better than Wing got off, at any rate.

Drift reaches behind him for a small oil sprayer, offering it to the flightpanels. This would be less erotic than the other time he'd oiled Wing's flighpanels, but perhaps even more necessary. It means he has to pull out of the hug but...well...maybe later they could renew it, when Wing felt better.

"They have to know. Alpha Trion remembered Overclock, and Megatronus remembered another. And that they'd left."

His mouth works as he echoes the words, optics glowing. "I love you. I...can't lose you."
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The only 'folly' was not telling Drift where exactly he was going.

Drift can multitask, though for a klik the kiss takes his breath away. But he recovers himself, and manages to get oil, well, mostly on his hands more than the flightpanels, but he can improvise, beginning to slowly slide his hands over the tucked panels, spreading the oil and keeping the embrace.

"They didn't warn us. So either they didn't know or...." OR they simply chose to leave their wards in ignorance. Drift doesn't much like either option.

He's not sure where Wing's sudden ardor comes from, but he's not going to ask too many questions, letting his oiled fingers join with Wing's. "...yes. You matter to me more than any of this."
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It's a little clumsy, the way Drift spreads his oiled hands on Wing's flightpanels, groping blind, but it's done with zeal and tenderness and he hopes that makes up for any technical flaws in execution.

"We have to find out, one way or another. If they knew, if they didn't. It matters." He knows Wing adores Vector, and he hates his own suspicion and distance from his own FirstForged, but he can't help it. Their survival--Wing's survival--is at stake. He'd make an enemy of the universe if it threatened Wing.

The hands slow on the flightpanels, even as his EM field registers the thrill of touching them, and he pulls Wing against him, nuzzling against the audial flares. "Yes. As long as you want."
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Drift would gladly make up for anything later if it meant he got to touch Wing more. He was fairly shameless like that.

"I'm sure they think they have good reasons. Until we know what those are, we won't ever learn the truth."

And Drift knows that weaseling good information and being diplomatic and tactful are...totally not in his skillset.

He gives up the oil rubbing, as Wing hugs him, feeling the jet's need, and his own want to be strong for him, like a throb in his throat. "I-I can stay here tonight. If you want." Or, you know, forever.
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"How can knowledge be more dangerous than ignorance? Either they trust us, or at least trust some of us, or not."

A smile, almost a reflex, at the friendly bump of the nasal against his. And then the words sink in. "O-oh. OH. Oh, right. That. I...I knew that."

No he didn't. And he's a terrible liar. Double tap of fail.

"Y-yes. I'd like that." A lot. A whole lot. His hands tremble against Wing's frame at the thought of being able to keep the jet in his arms every night.
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Well, it wasn't as if this was the first time Ambulon found himself handling Wing in a medical emergency. He remained calm throughout the entire episode, however; sort of needed to. But, man, afterward, when Wing was back online and in relatively good condition--

"So, let me get this straight," Ambulon said, putting aside the 'pad on Wing's vitals. He looked at his patient firmly, standing at his bedside. "After you and Drift uncovered a bunch of... 'ghosts', you went out - on your own - to investigate. Am I getting this right?"
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Medics droppin' like flies, feels kind of ironic - ALSO SORRY I'M LATE PANT PANT

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Ambulon's frown expanded a centimeter at the corners. "No threat," he replied. "And you call lying in a medibay after being severely wounded 'no threat'."

He sighed then, pressing fingers to his forehead. "You and Drift. You really are two pods in a pea." Wait, did he get that Earth phrase right? He hoped so. Ambulon continued: "I don't care if zombies or ghosts or tiny malnourished frizz rats did this to you. You shouldn't be out there exploring the Badlands alone. At least with Drift at your side, I can rest easy."

Ambulon grumbled. "Soldiers or not, it doesn't matter. No excuse, badge or not; you're not entirely immortal, you know."
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"You've been here longer than me, haven't you?" Ambulon countered. "You know most of the creatures this place produces are insane and probably ravenous. I wouldn't even trust a fly around here."

Ambulon huffed. "It apparently means you two are just alike. Really, you are; I'd almost go so far as to say you might as well be twins with a branched spark."

Laughter wasn't exactly what he was expecting, but whatever. He was still a little annoyed. Ambulon poked Wing in the chest. "Keep that in mind when you next decide to go ghost or monster hunting." He sighed. "Either way, your vitals are stable and you should be in good enough condition to leave. But I'd still like to keep you overnight for observation. If you'd like, I can call Drift to stay with you, so long as you don't plot anything stupid."
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"Well you should have," Ambulon almost whined. "Be wary of everything, even just a little." He raised a finger like all super serious. "Well, you know what I mean." He didn't mean to sound paranoid, but he'd been a little on edge ever since Tarn popped out from the Lambda.

Ambulon snorted. "You should try doing what those humans call..." God, what was it? "It's a ceremony of uniting two people. Marriage, I think." Of course he was joking; it's just hard to tell when he's joking.

Though, given the deadpan expression on his face and his tone to the next question: "Stupid. You know what stupid is. If I have to explain to you what stupid is, then we're going to be here all night." Ambulon folded his arms and gave Wing the stink eye. "No over-exerting yourself." Yeah, bro, he's on to you.