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WHO: Vandal and IDW!Perceptor
WHERE: Starting in the medbay
WHAT: Schmoop.

Perceptor crept into the medbay feeling, as always, more than a little out of place. This was the domain of medics and the unwell, and since his own prolonged convalescence he had mad a point of avoiding it. At least, until Vandal had become a fixture. Now he found himself there daily, popping in to visit her, spending as much time with her as he could. The past couple of days he's only left to scrounge supplies for... well. A surprise.

Which is why he's here now, approaching Vandal's berth, trying to put his best poker face on.

"Hello Karrie."
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She's awake of course, when he enters it's nothing unusual. He's been almost a constant fixture in her room since he'd first come to see her. He was good on his word, and Vandal appreciates it more than she can say.

"Hey Perce. Merry Christmas."

She'd actually worked up a small gift of her own, but for now...

"What's up?"
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Honestly he could have said he was going to do data entry and she would have jumped at the chance to go along. Being cooped up here has been hell. She brightens visibly.

"You... you got me a Christmas present?" She can't keep the grin off, no matter how hard she wants to.

Using his hands, she stands up in bed, steadying herself. She's healed to the point where she can wear a gown, which is not a typical hospital gown, since there was a distinct lack of human supplies- but rather a shoddy looking nightgown. Something light that wouldn't interfere or chafe on her healing injuries.

"Hell yes I'll go with you."
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"You didn't have to..." She's briefly distracted by being picked up and held. She's been ridiculously needy lately and she wonders if perhaps this is a little pathetic, to be placated by being toted around.

But whatever. She's comfortable. He's comfortable. And she quietly enjoys it more ways than she should.

"Nonsense, I'm sure you did-" Her thought ends abruptly when he opens the door and steps inside.

It's beautiful and warm and probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her. That counted up there with everyone saving her life.

"Oh wow..."
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"This is way more than acceptable. It's amazing!" She eagerly pulls the blanket around her, curling down into it.

Seems to be the thing to give her, which suits her well because she's one of those people who likes bedding and warmth.

"Thank you. This is all a bitch much but-" Well. Jeez, something else? She would have been pleased as pudding about just this, but obediently she covers her eyes with her hands.

"Okay. Not looking..."
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Well. When she opens her eyes, that definitely wasn't what she was expecting.

"AAAHHH! WHAT TH- Who the fuck is this?!" If she wasn't half crippled she'd probably have hauled off and punched the poor man in the face. But you just don't see many humans around, and the ones you do she could count on one hand.

She squints, looking between the (rather handsome) man and Perceptor himself.

"... Perce...?"
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Well that makes her eyes go wide, mouth hanging open slightly. SHe's never seen a hologram this... real looking.

"No! No... don't. It's just... wow." She scoots forward, not trusting herself to walk on her own really, so that she can get a closer look.

She squints again and slowly reaches up to gently prod him in the abdomen with one finger, and much to her surprise: he's solid.

"You. Made... this?"

Why is it so...

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O-oh... his smile seems to trigger something. Something that Vandal seems to realize and look abruptly down, embarrassed.

"You... make yourself human for me," It's oddly touching. That he would go to all this effort and-

Her face lights up red. Cuddling up to robots wasn't odd for her. There was still that degree of separation. But that's. That's just. Yeah. Wow.

"You... heh. You made yourself human to cuddle with me?" She really can't hide how obviously flustered she is.

"That's really fucking cute."

How can she even refuse?

"I think I'd like that."
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"Well. You thought right." As much as she does love lounging on robots...

The warmth and softness and even the smell of another human being as she tentatively eases herself over and leans slowly against him. She's tense at first, hand stiff and awkward against his shoulder, but the authenticity, and the comfort of knowing that it's still just Perceptor, slowly coaxes her to relaxing bit by bit.

"You really did an amazing job. With this... with everything. Color me impressed, Perce."
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Oh he makes it very easy to cozy up to him, doesn't he? Being that good looking as a human definitely helps. Uhg god, she covers her face with one hand, reprimanding herself for being so shameless and shallow.

Not that it was really the source of her feelings for him to begin with.

"Well you definitely hit it out of the park with this one. I mean wow. What did you um. Model him after? Movie stars or something?"

Because he's cute enough to be one.
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It wrings a grin out of her.

"God you are fucking ridiculous. In a good way," She says, playfully prodding him in his would-be ribs.

The way he speaks, so scientifically about everything, even in casual situations is getting just a little bit adorable.

"How come you're so sweet to me, huh?"
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Oh that's adorable. She's tempted to try again, but she lays off for now.

It's kind of odd, she never fathomed why he, or anyone else went to such great lengths for her. The idea of being likeable for any reason is absurd to her. She keeps that to herself though and just leans against him a little more.

"Afraid," She echoes as if the word doesn't make any sense.

"You shouldn't worry about me like that but-" No, don't fight it, not today.

"But thank you. I'm really lucky to have people like you."
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He earns a chuckle from her, and she readily returns the embrace. She'd always taken hugs for granted back home. But here they were like a commodity.

"God you're going to get me all choked up, Perce," She mumbles into his shoulder.

"I love y- you guys too." Probably more than she ought to.

"You've all been so nice to me. Never got treated like this back where I'm from. It's kinda something else, you know?"
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"Yeah?" Her brow knits slightly. It's any wonder why,she thinks he's plenty attractive, and she's not talking about the holoform.

"Well. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. No problem by me, I'm always down for this." She smiles into his collar, eyes lidding.

"You deserve it, anyways."
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"Perceptor..." She ventures to stroke her fingers through the holoform's hair. Feels real.

"Thank you for being mine. I'm lucky to have you. Though judging by the way you decorated with all this mistletoe I'd say you wanted more than that, if I didn't know better."

She chuckles. The place is strewn with it. He probably didn't realize what it meant, but she'll pick on him for it anyways.
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"Well no," She clears her throat, "It just means that we have to kiss."

Maybe its a little mean spirited. And self serving. And probably taking advantage of a few things, but he can say no if he really wants to.

"It's a human custom."
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Well he took that rather well. And rather quickly. The kiss sends a little chill up her spine. How long as it been?

She hooks a hand around the back of his head before he can pull away to yank him back in for something much firmer.

"Like that," She echoes as she releases him.
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"Future situations, eh? Making plans already, Perce?" She can't help but tease him. It's so easy, and the results are usually incredibly satisfying.

The last bit makes her raise an eyebrow.

"Well usually. Unless you know. You wanted more."
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"Uh-huh. Gotcha." She nods sagely, her lips drawing a tight line of her face.

There's a little silence after he finishes. Would it be bad of her? She'd only told Wing that she had a... well a preference for all three of them. More over, she wants to be certain of something like that. That she's not just needy for comfort or rebounding or whatever. She doesn't want to hurt him. Or anyone.


"Well I mean not really I don't mind or anything. S'pose that's the first time you've ever kissed a girl." Which is odd to think about.
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She finds herself getting her hopes up, only to balk a little when their foreheads touch.

Oh. Alright. That's probably for the best. She honestly shouldn't be inlicting herself on these poor bots any more than she already does, anyways. He already did this much for her, it's ride to expect him to- well. After how the last experience went, she doesn't want a repeat.

"Merry Christmas, Percy."
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"Hey, you don't need to convince me." Sleeping in the arms of a very attractive man-robot? Without a doubt.

She tugs him down with her and curls against his chest, wrapping her arms around him . That's a very, incredibly satisfying feeling. Far more so than she should really allow herself but...

What the hell.
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This is perfect. This is so good she could just cry. She won't, but damn it's fucking nice.

She closes her eyes, and she can hear a simulated heart beat. He really went all out.

One hand resting on his chest, she lets herself drift in and out, not terribly concerned with sleep, just enjoying the great sense of comfort it brings.