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closed loggage bros

WHERE: round abouts the police station I GUESS
WHEN: that one time. like Thursday.
WHAT: immature robots harassing poor poor Deckard

Also language and discussion of mature adultly type stuff because Gunmax and Knock Out are literally the biggest jerks.

[Screwing with Deckard: easily one of Gunmax's new favorite past times, next to deliberately pissing Power Joe off and pulling stupid, childish pranks on Prowl. Since two of these three things were no longer options, it meant poor boyscout Deckard was now the entire focus of Gunmax's boredom. Congratulations, baby.

Today, Gunmax had "recruited" Knock Out to assist with Operation: Totally Mature Adults (Operation: Poor Life Choices had been a close second), and the biker had decided that they should wait around outside the police station to get the jump on the poor dork whenever he was finished doing cop stuff for the day. The only issue with that was the fact that Deckard actually did all of his work because there was a very good chance he actually cared about this job a lot more than Gunmax did, so there was no telling when he'd actually be finished. To Gunmax's credit thought, at least he kept this in mind and wasn't charging in to annoy Deckard when he was in the middle of something that was actually important.

So for now, it was just Knock Out and Gunmax waiting around to be dickheads. Seems legit.]

So, how's that whole not having a nose thing working out for you?

[The small talk could have been better. Hopefully Deckard wouldn't be too long.]
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[Yeah, and predictably, that someone will be Deckard.  He puts a hand on his teammatem's arm.]


  [The admonishment is mild, but it's still an admonishment –he doesn't figure he needs to say more.]

  Knock Out, please try to see it from their viewpoint.  The Brave Police aren't an ancient, independent race like you guys are.  A group of humans started a project, building a new kind of . . . of machine, really, and . . . in essence, it got away from them.  There have only ever been right at a dozen of us all told to date.  I was the first created, and the others are all programmed from me.  There's the eight of us who make up the Brave Police –nine counting Kagerou –and three in a series called the Chieftains.  And that's it.  That's all of us.  We're unique in our world.  There's never been anything like us before.  And we've only been in existence for about a-

  [He stops suddenly, like hitting a mental brick wall, then looks at Gunmax, optics a little bright with surprise.]

  It's been well over a year now, since the project was made public knowledge.  You're a year now, which means . . . I'm almost two.


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I don't have an ass. [Sorry to dissapoint. And tho Knock Out, humans who enjoy controlling other are meatbags. Or future corpses.

He can help but sneer as Deckard's predictable reply.] You two suffer from Stockholm syndrome. are only two years old? Really? Are you pulling my wheel? I thought that was really a joke.

[He pokes Gunmax's shoulder.] You are ONE YEAR OLD?