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[Open] Six o'clock in the morning

WHO: Wing, Drift as he wakes, open after that!
WHERE: Medibay at Solus's temple
WHEN: Roughly now. Following this and this.
WHAT: Wing, long overdue from an investigative outing in the wastelands, recovers in Medibay after being rescued.
WARNINGS: None yet.

He'd thought it a service, investigating the ghosts of refugees past, hoping it'd help protect Haven's current residents better. What Wing hadn't considered was his own protection. Ghosts can't harm you right? The one he and Drift had encountered hadn't even known they were there.

The animated bodies of those mechs though, corrupted by tainted energon and emitting an aura of oppressive weakness, were an entirely different story. It was the last thing the jet expected, and though he vaguely remembered taking down two of them, in the end, to his horror, he'd been overwhelmed. Only ingenuity and a stubborn determination born from remembering how much he had to live for had prevented his untimely end.

Wing remembers laying there, alone in that corrupted place but determined not to fade out He's not even sure how much time passed before Drift's group found him. He was barely lucid for the trip back and slipped into a blissful stasis while Ambulon did his work.

His wounds, ugly and vile looking, the plating and internals discolored by the tainted weapons and hands that dealt the damage, were slow to heal. Even once stripped of the tainted armor, he remained fevered, his auto repair running hard to fix the remaining damage that seemed to resist it. A fuel transfusion tenaciously applied by Ambulon seemed to do the trick, purging the last of that taint.

Several days later he finally wakes, his wounds repaired and feeling refreshed. Weak, but strangely giddy from the fresh fuel that flows in his lines. It's making him anxious to be out and doing things, catching up on all he's missed in the weeks he's been gone. Ambulon's insisted on at least one day of observation however, or until the weakness finally passes, so he's stuck in medibay for the time being.

At least he's allowed visitors?

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