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It's now or never...

Who: Lea and Elsa [Closed]
Where: The Hub, the room Elsa occupied due to radiation
When: Just before Lea goes off to battle
What: Lea has a special gift for Elsa, and needs to give it to her while there's still time

Lea had been trying to think of a good time to give Elsa the wayfinder he'd made for her, but hadn't been able to quite convince himself it was a good idea. Because, well, she could make such beautiful tings with ice with just a thought. And not only that, but she was a queen; she must have much more spectacular jewelry at home. His little good luck charm, made of scavenged materials, would probably look cheap and lame by comparison.

But fate had decided for him, it seemed, and now there was no time to delay. There might not be a chance later, for any of them. So he was here, at Elsa's supposedly temporary room in the Hub, with only a few minutes before he had to leave for the battlefield. He knocked to announce himself, but didn't wait for Elsa to answer before he opened the door.

"Elsa?", he said as he stepped inside. "I... need to talk to you a minute."

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