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" isn't that. I know I was not built to be commander, but we were built to adapt. I wanted to adapt."

He'd been able to adapt, until Prowl.

"This world is so different, Deckard. It is like..." He frowns, trying to think on a way to say it. "It is like the office where Gunmax came from. He learned that you cannot always rely on your partners, and I..."

It wasn't a lesson he'd wanted to learn. He did not know how to deal with it.

"I believed that I could. I know better, now."

He'd learned how to not trust. This bothered him, and he let go when Deckard did.

"I did not want anyone to have to learn that same lesson...but maybe we all need to. We need to, but I've been out here, hoping...."

Hoping that Drill Boy or Power Joe would return. Hoping that it had all been a mechanical dream he would wake up from.

"You still want me back?"

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