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Re: Anywhere you like, really

McCrane had heard the approach of the jet for some time, looking to the skies to try spotting the well-camoflaged Thndercracker. He'd been here long enough to know the different sounds...the low thrum of Kagerou's glide, the mid-pitch of Drill Boy's canter, and the piercing shriek of Cybertronian engines, built for slicing through the air.

It did not surprise him when Thundercracker dropped down, and it did not surprise him when the other showed concern...but even if the conversation was a bit rough, he could not help but appreciate the company. Thundercracker was not a member of the Brave Police, but he had become a valued member of the enforcers. Perhaps that perspective could help him now.

"Maybe I am. I was not given a schematic that mapped emotions when I was built. I still have trouble navigating through them."

He glanced back, looking towards the center of the Haven. "I feel like I am still doing something wrong by being out here...but when I think about going back?"

It hurt, too.

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