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WHO: Blurr, Bulkhead
WHERE: The Hub's bar
WHEN: A few days after this convo
WHAT: Hanging out, seriously, these two need a break.
WARNINGS: Drinking? Otherwise none.

It was a few days later when Bulkhead called Blurr about meeting up at the bar. Once they agreed on a time, he headed there, transforming up before heading into the bar. He's got his hammer with him(because leaving it behind didn't feel right), hooked onto his back plating. He's also got rookie with him, cause the guy never leaves him alone.

"Blurr?" He calls once inside, as he looks around, to seeif the other bot was here yet.
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Blurr is already waiting in a table, his own acolyte by his side for the same reason as Bulk's. It makes Blurr slightly anxious to stay away from the temple but he learned to live with that nagging feeling. He waves at Bulkhead.

"Ey! Sorry about him, there was no way he stayed at the temple. If I didn't know better I would say he's infatuated with me."

Blurr nudges his acolyte, a smirk on his face. The acolyte blinks a few times but that's all the emotion it shows. The racer glances up at Bulkhead, a 'what did we do to deserve this' look on his face.

"Expressive, aren't they?"
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They need to find other places to meet, closer to their temples.

"Do you think...guys can't go you sit together in another table or something?" Blurr's no really expecting an answer but he hopes they'll accept because it's really awkward to have them around saying nothing.Blurr waves a hand. " So you can talk things."
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A bit strange. They'll have to learn how to live with it. Blurr smiles as the acolytes leave, relaxing on his seat.

"I appreciate that they have to check on us but I like to be alone too. I had to stop him from getting into my room at night. I think he just waits outside, at the door. Idontreallywanttoknow.""
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"Maybe they're afraid we will. A lot of people had gone missing lately, did you notice?" Because he did and it's making him depressed. "They're probably back on their own world and that's great know. Also not great."

He can't help but chuckle at that.

"You know, that's a good idea. I need to teach Buddy how to do that, after all he sees me fetching drinks to everyone when I'm working here." Blurr smiles, grabbing two cubes of energon from the drone that walks past them with a tray. Then gives one to Bulkhead.

"And here I was about to ask if someone was keeping you busy at night, seems to be happening a lot. You don't get tired, how so?"
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"At least we got to see some of them again." Blurr talked to Drift and Wing too, unlike Bulkhead he has no hopes left. They don't seem to remember anything and he doesn't count on their memories coming back.

"Yes, that's what I call him now. I think it sounds nice and it's not too offensive for him in case he does have a name and he never told me. Of course Rookie can join us, what could possibly go wrong? " He adds a smirk to that, knowing that this is a recipe for disaster. It will be fun no matter what.

"Same here. You won't believe the kind of thing Starscream suggested." Blurr fidgets with the cube in his hands for a few seconds before taking a sip. "That's great, I wish I had that advantatge."