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Skyfire ([personal profile] wherenobotsgone) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-12-08 06:28 pm

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WHO: Invisible!Skyfire and YOU
WHERE: The junk pile
WHEN: After the Pillar expedition
WHAT: Skyfire came back in one piece, but invisible. And now he's trying to fix that.

It was a long shot, Skyfire was quite aware of that. But it was the only more or less decent idea he had. Nobody could see him, nobody could hear him, and that made getting help from someone else quite difficult. He had considered making a text post to the network, of course. And then he realized that even if someone offered to help, there wasn't much they could do at all, in his situation.

So here he was now, digging through the junk pile and trying to find something remotely useful. Or at least something that sparked a better idea.

It didn't even occur to him that he was making it look like all kind of things were moving on their own and floating around.

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