vandalization: (Unmasked - Crawl)
Karrie (Vandal) Norton ([personal profile] vandalization) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-01-01 09:54 pm

Bath time.

WHO: Vandal and Ambulon
WHERE: Medbay of course!
WHEN: Sometime after new years.
WHAT: Brushie brushie. Ambulon emerges from his cocoon to become a beautiful purple leg.


Vandal has become known for... tenacity, somehow. Just being generally hard to put down, despite the fact that there's nothing special about her, save for how crazy she is. For whatever the church- the Marker did to her that makes the voices and the static and that strange code haunt her day and night.

Tenacity. Because she'd survived that. She'd survived her entry to this place. More over, she'd somehow, despite even her wishes, survived Prism. So nobody can tell her that she has to stay in bed all day.

Currently, she is limping her way around the medbay, braced against one makeshift crutch and partially using the walls to get around.

"AMBUTT! Hey! Hellooooooo?" She has a small bucket and a few tools slung over her shoulder as she conducts her very... slow search.

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