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To see you before I go... [CLOSED]

Who: New!Drift and New!Wing.
What: Meeting up before the FF call everyone to them.  They know it's coming.
Where: The Hub, their room.
When: After Unicron shows up in the sky, and before the FF call their marked to them.
Warnings: A couple of hippies being feely and emotional (and one is drunk)

Wing couldn't deny that he was afraid.  Unicron, the destroyer of worlds, was finally here, coming for them; who wouldn't be afraid?  He sat in his room, on the floor before his berth.  He'd made sure his short swords were in top shape, fully charged, and now he sat with his great sword across his knees.  There was no preparation needed with this weapon, not of the physical sort anyway.  He sat quietly, meditating, praying, just preparing his spark for the fight to come.

Another thing on his mind of Drift.  He couldn't help but wonder where his roommate had gotten off to, and he hoped the other mech was doing what he needed to prepare for the coming fight.  It was only a matter of time before the First Forged called them to come fight for their very existence.  Pulling a deep vent Wing pushed to his feet, shifting the great sword to his back.  He couldn't go into this fight without speaking to Drift one more time, and so he needed to go find the mech.
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Wing wouldn't have to look far. After a totally responsible and completely unplanned trip to the bar, Drift slammed the door to their shared living space wide open and ungracefully stumbled into the room, looking a little bit frazzled and quite a bit tipsy as all hell.

That was totally a good sign right there, wasn't it.

"Wing! I need to... I gotta talk to you!"

Kind of as a half drunken after thought, he spun around, wobbled like an idiot, and closed the door.