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To see you before I go... [CLOSED]

Who: New!Drift and New!Wing.
What: Meeting up before the FF call everyone to them.  They know it's coming.
Where: The Hub, their room.
When: After Unicron shows up in the sky, and before the FF call their marked to them.
Warnings: A couple of hippies being feely and emotional (and one is drunk)

Wing couldn't deny that he was afraid.  Unicron, the destroyer of worlds, was finally here, coming for them; who wouldn't be afraid?  He sat in his room, on the floor before his berth.  He'd made sure his short swords were in top shape, fully charged, and now he sat with his great sword across his knees.  There was no preparation needed with this weapon, not of the physical sort anyway.  He sat quietly, meditating, praying, just preparing his spark for the fight to come.

Another thing on his mind of Drift.  He couldn't help but wonder where his roommate had gotten off to, and he hoped the other mech was doing what he needed to prepare for the coming fight.  It was only a matter of time before the First Forged called them to come fight for their very existence.  Pulling a deep vent Wing pushed to his feet, shifting the great sword to his back.  He couldn't go into this fight without speaking to Drift one more time, and so he needed to go find the mech.
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"I know, I know. I just... had a lot on my mind, I guess. I wasn't sure how to deal with it. Stupid excuse, I know, but if it's as bad as everyone seems to think it's going to be, this could be our last night together. I hope to Primus it doesn't come to that, but... It doesn't look good. The odds don't seem to be in our favor."

Drift lazily plopped a hand down on Wing's helm, staring up at the ceiling of their room silently for a few moments.

"I'm scared, I guess. I mean, I've been fighting for four million years, you'd think I'd be used to this sort of thing by now."
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"No, no, I mean. Just war in general. First against the Autobots, then the Decepticons. It just doesn't stop. Hell, the war was finally over back home, and there was still fighting. I know fighting's all I'm good at, but that doesn't mean I have to be comfortable with it."

Drift sighed, shifting in Wing's lam and resting his head against his shoulder.

"This feels bigger than all of that, though. We're in over our heads this time."
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"Life persists."

He kind of mumbled it thoughtfully, nuzzling obnoxiously into Wing.

"Lets just... hope the call to arms doesn't come for another couple hours. My fingers are kind of numb."
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Okay maybe it was completely inappropriate, but Drift giggled at the facepalm. Oops huh.

"I'll be okay."
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"Unless you know any get sober quick tricks, it's just going to have to run it's course."

Drift doesn't always make the best decisions. If they survive this he'll work on it.

"I hadn't really intended to drink anything at all, I stopped at the bar to talk to Knock Out and then I got caught up chatting with Sentinel. You know, the guy with the chin."
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"More or less. Had a good talk with them, though. Maybe it's just the high grade talking, but I almost feel like I've learned more about myself in the past few hours than I have in the last couple million years. Funny how the end of the world affects people."

Drift's pretty okay with Wing not being angry. Pretty super okay with it. He still feels bad about it, though.

"As well as you can expect."
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"Drinking, yes. I don't know about getting drunk. Or, not as bad as me, at least. I think I'm a bit of a light weight. People are scared, Wing. They're not all as good at coping with it as... as other people."

he shakes his head, growing more and more annoyed with himself as he sits there. He can't really change what he's already done, but still.
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Drift isn't concerned about his own safety. He isn't afraid of dying, but he's honestly terrified of the idea of losing Wing, of losing everyone he's met here and ending up alone. He knows it's stupid, but it's kind of hard to break out of that mindset.

"I used to think I was as strong as you, y'know? I guess I still have a ways to go."
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Well hell, Drift hadn't expected to hear that from Wing. Like ever. He leaned back and just stared at the Jet for a few seconds, as though he was speaking some weird alien language.

"How the hell do you figure that?"
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[Drift puffed his cheeks a bit in response to the chuckling. Punk don't laugh.]

It wasn't easy, I'll give you that, but it never would have happened if I hadn't met you.