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[OPEN] drink yourself dead

WHERE: The bar.
WHEN After that big news about Unicron coming is dropped. What fun.
WHAT: Everyone's doomed. We're all gonna die. Why not drink until you can't remember that fact!

[Well this was it. This was the end of everything, and of course he'd end up back just to see it. What could any of them do against someone like Unicron? Unicron was the reason he ate people, and that hadn't even been on purpose! Yeah, there was nothing any of them would be able to do... And that wasn't even thinking about how his glyph had been acting odd and making him feel a bit off. He'd just stick inside the bar, making drinks until they all died. Not like he'd be much help anywhere else. Maybe it would get his mind off the incoming doom.

Probably not though.]

[Go forth and tag around. Make your own threads, hijack other ones, anything and everything!]
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[Blurr only came to the bar to make sure everything was alright before going out and joining the FirsForged's fight against Unicron. He was more than a bit surprised to find it so..,full of life all of sudden.]

...Dead End?
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[They can both try to make an exception given the circumstances.] I shouldn't but...yes, please.

You are going to be working until the end?
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I'll let you choose. As long as it's not too bitter I'm okay with it.

[Somehow he's not surprised. Blurr doesn't drink all that often either.]

You could fight if you wanted, your body is made for it. [He knows you have the same frame type as Wheeljack, can't fool him here pal.]
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[DEAD END YOU ARE A JERK. Blurr takes a sip and regrets it immediately, putting the drink aside and giving DE a resentful look.

No more mr.nice guy.]

...no, you probably can't. So I guess this is your place.
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[Don't try to pull the cute door wing thing now, It won't work.7

Hm...[He stares at it as if it's going to jump and bite him. After a few seconds he decides to finally give it a try.]

Ah, much better. [A pause.] Thanks. You really are good with those, who taught you?
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[He's going to ignore them so, there.]

And who was he? [Blurr's curious, that's all.] Yes that sounds like a good reason to learn.
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[:| Jerk.]

Ah, one of those, uh? My last boss turned out to be a problem too.
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Mine turned out to be a Decepticon...[he's going to drink half of that cube now, thanks.]

Do you think I'm a problem?
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Here? nothing. But back in my world he tried to kill me and almost succeded.

Only sometimes? [That's actually better than he was expecting.]
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Yeah I know. I know it very well.

[No there is no killing allowed on the Autobot's part in Blurr's world!!!]

That's almost a compliment coming from you. Thanks.
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It's kind of relieving to know that something never change, even during the possible apocalypse.