[CLOSED] weenies

WHO: Drift and Wing
WHERE: Hippie house (aka Drift and Wing's rad bachelor pad at the Hub)
WHEN: As soon as Wing gets back from THIS.
WHAT: Drift being an emotionally constipated weenie and Wing being Wing

[Okay, so maybe Drift was having mixed feelings about Wing "going out" with Knock Out. On one hand, HEY, he was making friends and all. That was good! It wasn't really fair that Drift was hogging someone as good as Wing all to himself anyway. At least, that's how he felt sometimes, considering they lived together, sparred together, trained together, meditated together... yeah. They were practically glued at the hip at this point. He couldn't blame Wing if he wanted to get away from him every now and then.

On the other hand, Drift couldn't help but feel a little... off. Jealous? He wasn't really sure what it was, but either way, he didn't like that he felt that way. He certainly wasn't entitled to Wing's time or attention, but part of him liked it. Almost craved it, even, and that bothered him. He'd chalked it up to being afraid of losing him again, and while that might have been true, in the back of his mind he knew there was more to it than that. And that bothered him, too.

Basically, everything was bothering him, and he felt stupid for being bothered. Man, what a pain.

So here he was, waiting up for Wing to return and busying himself with tidying up his side of their shared room, trying to distract himself from being a gigantic weenie.]
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[Wing is perfectly happy to just hug him.]

I think your idea is perfect. We'll head to the hot springs tomorrow.
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[That's okay, you can be awkward, Drift, Wing finds it rather endearing.]
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Yes. We should.

[Have a last quick hug.] Sleep well, Drift.
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[That sheepish laugh makes Wing pause, and with a chuckle he comes over to help Drift clear off his berth. You dork, he loves you, you know that? How deeply, even he's not sure yet, hey, it's only been a couple months, okay? But he does love you.]
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Hm, I think that may have been my fault. [He gives Drift a light nudge before he steps away to go put down the things he just picked up off the berth.]
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[Well, since Drift won't be lying down to sleep quite yet, Wing sits beside him, reaching to gently love on Rodimus. This only causes Skyhopper to perk up and let out a rather jealous sounding meow. Skyhopper starts picking his way across the room.]

I won't apologize then.
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[Wing just leans into Drift a bit in return. When his cat came around close enough he offered up a hand to the kitten, bringing the little rascal down by his chest.]

I think bringing these two back here with us was a good idea. [he loves da kitties. ~<3]
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[Wing isn't afraid of moving a sleeping cat. He plucks Rodimus up, stands, and motions for Drift to lie down. He's not noticed that you move too much in your sleep, so once Drift is settled, he'll plop the protesting kitty onto Drift's chest plates.]

Adorable and in charge, yes? [amused.]
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[Wing laughs and shrugs, gesturing to the little furball that's managed to find a way to his helm. Skyhopper is looking rather smug up there.]

I don't know either of us will ever tame them.
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[Chuckles.] I think we should learn to choose our battles. Good night, Drift.

[He'll head to his berth, plucking Skyhopper from his head so he can lie down.]
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[He actually facepalms so he can laugh at you without you knowing. You're such an adorable dork, Drift.]