cliffjumper: (eh what you say - Sideswipe is wordy)
Cliffjumper ([personal profile] cliffjumper) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-07-12 01:04 am (UTC)


"Yeah, but what's that got..." trailing off, Cliffjumper frowned, then slowly shook his helm, "just 'cause I know exactly in which direction I'm facin' at the moment don't mean it translates to movin'."

As they hung there in the air, Cliffjumper's frown deepened at Blurr's suggestion. How the frag was that supposed to help him, he didn't---

Except he did.

He'd not thought about it earlier, having simply not noticed the perfect calculations of how long it'd take to get somewhere at any given speed but...

"... Huh. I do know that." Excuse him as he has a moment of stunned realisation, Blurr.

Staring without exactly seeing the floor beneath them, Cliffjumper narrowed his optics and then drifted down a few feet.

He wobbled at the end, but at least he didn't fall like the few tons of metal that he was.

"... That might work."

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