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It was strange for Jadewing too, used to being the leader of his own trine. But quite apart from ingrained deference to rank, it didn't feel right to take the lead position here. Of the two of them, Thundercracker was more experienced, which, according to the unspoken rules that came into play in the air meant that he was the more likely to be able to keep you alive in pinch, and thus was the one to follow.

Jadewing smiled internally at the wing tap. He'd missed that sort of greeting; Cloudkicker was a bit too hyperactive to pull it off properly, but Snowfall would do it fairly regularly. It was... nice. Just flying with someone again was relaxing. Almost peaceful.

Then, to Jadewing's surprise, Thundercracker suddenly banked off, corkscrewing away, and calling back challenge. There was only a moment spent on being surprised, though, before Jadewing gave a brief laugh and kicked in his own thrusters, banking off to chase Thundercracker. "I should be asking you that, old-timer," he replied. Thundercracker was still in the lead in this little game of aerial tag, but Jadewing was catching up fast.

It had been awhile, though. Since he'd been living on Earth, at least. After returning to Cybertron, there had been no time, and on Charr no energy or inclination to play. Now though? He'd really been thinking more along the lines of something useful, but this would do nicely.

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