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WHO: Sora and Knock Out
WHERE: Sora's room
WHEN After the Firsforget announced the incoming end of the world
WHAT: Knock Out wants to make sure Sora stay out of trouble. He might as well ask for the moon too.

[He knocked at the door and waited, hoping it wasn't too late and the Kid was already out doing something stupid that could get him killed.

Things weren't looking great out there. There were no zombie predacons roaring outside the temples (yet), so that was a small relief. He couldn't believe it was happening again. ]
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1st-Aug-2014 02:50 am - [OPEN] drink yourself dead
WHERE: The bar.
WHEN After that big news about Unicron coming is dropped. What fun.
WHAT: Everyone's doomed. We're all gonna die. Why not drink until you can't remember that fact!

it's the end of the world after all )
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Who: Wing and Knock Out
What: KO asked Wing out, Wing accepted. 
Where: Starting at the Hub, and only KO knows where they'll be heading from there.
When: Few days ago, right after this and before event start. 
Warnings: I dunno, whatever KO brings with him. And Wing being cute. 

Wing stood outside of the hub, waiting for Knock Out. He's already had a good day with Drift, showing his student why things were studied slow, and then dragging him off to Trion's temple to adopt a couple cats; Rodimus and Skyhopper were happily exploring their new home now. And now it was evening, and time for Wing to meet up with Knock Out.  He couldn't help but wonder what the mech had planned for them. 
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28th-May-2014 03:45 pm - closed loggage bros
WHERE: round abouts the police station I GUESS
WHEN: that one time. like Thursday.
WHAT: immature robots harassing poor poor Deckard

Also language and discussion of mature adultly type stuff because Gunmax and Knock Out are literally the biggest jerks.

Operation: Totally Mature Adults )
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21st-May-2014 11:03 pm - closed
WHO: knock out and sentinel
WHERE: a nondescript area in the junk pile
WHEN: todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
WHAT: idiots being idiots also one of them gets shot for being an idiot (it's knock out)
WARNINGS: a little bit of robo-blood and also probably lots of robot swearing

they're both totally stupid its amazing )
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WHO: Thundercracker, Knock Out
WHERE: Knock Out's medbay
Backdated to the 5th following this thread
TC's finally gonna do that thing he's been telling himself he should just fragging do for over a year now . . . get the brands removed from his wings.
None.  Will update if needed.
NOTE: If only for my own reference, the convo with Four is here.  Also . . . L-LOL sorry, Lylith - this kind of turned into a wall-o'-text narrative to start things off.  OTL  (and PPS - Yes, I know Fracas is technically no longer here, but at this point in time, TC doesn't know that...)

OMG THIS GOT STUPID LONG and I'm too damned tired for witty text here )

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3rd-Apr-2014 08:45 pm - [Closed]
Who: Sentinel and Knock Out
What: Post event shenanigans.
When: Tonight
Where: Sentinel's temple/room
Notes/Warnings: Bitchy roots being bitchy and mentions of a one night stand (PG?)

Knock Out can’t say that he was all that surprised with Sentinel’s reaction after the whole debacle with the crystals.

He wanted to punch himself for some of the things he said or thought, but hell be dammed if he was going to the mech that. He knocked on the Prime’s door and waited.

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17th-Mar-2014 11:01 pm - 02 \\ OPEN
WHO: The Spine and anyone
WHERE: The Spine had meant to head from the Junkpile back to the Hub but in his current condition it's easy to imagine him wandering elsewhere without realizing it.
WHEN: March 16th
WHAT: Someone's sick, oops.
WARNINGS: The Spine is a dork, does that count?

They flushed the spiders and bats out so I should run just fi-i-ine )
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16th-Mar-2014 02:16 pm - OPEN
WHO: Sora and OPEN
WHERE: Knock Out's Clinic
WHEN: 17th-whenever someone brings him the opposing energon color
WHAT: Sora's sick and pretty much needs company
WARNINGS: Sora deserves his own warning, just saying

visitors welcome! )
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16th-Mar-2014 06:26 pm - [closed]
WHO: Sentinel and Knock Out
WHERE: Starting off outside Solus' temple.
WHEN: Late afternoon
WHAT: Sentinel and Knock Out experiment the first effects of the colored energons
WARNINGS: Lots of absurdity. And probalby robots danclanging but that will be a fade to black so use your imagination.

There's was no better way to finish a long day than paying a visit to Rarity's spa, in Knock Out's opinion. That always brightened his mood as well as his finish. Once he was done, he decided to take a walk rather than go straight to his room.

That was when he found a small growth of pink crystals clustered the Spa's building. He took one of them, studying it. The medic got used to see some mechs here drink pink-ish energon but he never saw it in a raw state lying around.]
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9th-Feb-2014 05:24 pm
Who: Knock Out & Starscream
What: Basically first meetings.
When: Some point during Starscream's first day
Where: Solus' temple to start
Notes: Totes not a date... Stop using human expressions KO. B(

what's black and white and red all over? )

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20th-Jan-2014 12:42 pm - [I'm horrible, take 2] [open~]
WHO: Ambulon, SG Ratchet; open woooo~
WHERE: Initially safe room where Ambulon's catatonic body was being kept; later, Solus's medbay
WHEN: A week after Ambulon went kaput.
WHAT: The good doctor wakes up from his canon update in copious amounts of pain. Fortunately for him, SG Ratchet is there to take him to the medbay! Second thread is for visitation with a very doped up leg; posted after Ratchet's response so chronologically fits. Feel free to badger him!
WARNINGS: Given Ambulon's state and the involvement of SG Ratchet, I'd say yeah. I don't think it'll get very gory, though.


If there is a way to describe the pain, it is much like having a hang-over. Fifty. At once. And falling down endless stairs. But you finally land, and you land in a fun pit of needles, spikes, and Legos. And as you crawl out, the guy you hate most in the world is there to kick you in the face. Even then, the pain is... indescribable.

dude there is no car, just leg )
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14th-Jan-2014 06:47 am
Who: Prowl & YOU
What: Prowl wakes up from his Lambda-induced coma.
When: Jan 11th
Where: Liege's temple

Liege's Temple

Read more... )

Solus' Clinic

Read more... )
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8th-Dec-2013 06:28 pm
WHO: Invisible!Skyfire and YOU
WHERE: The junk pile
WHEN: After the Pillar expedition
WHAT: Skyfire came back in one piece, but invisible. And now he's trying to fix that.

it was the only more or less decent idea he had )
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31st-Aug-2013 03:49 pm - Worst Patient Ever
WHO: Wheeljack and YOU!
WHERE: Solus Quadrant's Medical Bay
WHEN: After the wrestle with Tarn and Kaon
WHAT: Wheeljack being a terrible patient in the med bay after he's done with the mission.

Easy doc, I need that arm )
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