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WHO: Thundercracker and OPEN
WHEN: This afternoon shortly after this post and well into tonight...or whenever either he runs out of energy or someone talks him down. 9,9
WHAT: BLOWIN'. SHIT. UP. ...aka grieving Decepticon coping the only way he knows how...which is to say, not at all. orz
WARNINGS: Uh...well, besides RAEGY Seeker? Probably a lot of cursing, Cybertronian-style . . . property damage (but not to anything anyone owns [unless you WANT him to hit it by accident??]) . . . angst in general?
NOTES: He'll be airborne for the most part, but if someone radios him or just flags him down, especially someone he knows in the latter case, he'll respond and land.

The lone Seeker is all out of copes. )
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1st-Aug-2013 12:22 am - Too Close to the Edge
WHO: Thundercracker and Ventus
WHERE: The Badlands
WHEN: About the fourth day of the Badlands expedition
WHAT: At Megatron's request for them to scout ahead, the two have set out to do just that- but it turns out to be less than smooth flying for either of them.

What kind of dream were you drawing and fell into That time when you lost your footing on the other side of the border? )
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22nd-Feb-2013 08:15 am - A formal dance.
WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Atrium, Haven's Hub.
WHEN: Today! The dance will go on from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
WHAT: Have your top hat and cane? This is a formal ball. The origination is a drunken Vandal and battle-worn Saber.
WARNINGS: Could be anything from bar fights to drunken swearing to people tripping over their own feet or people making out in a corner.

Details inside! Please read! )

Reception Area
Dance Floor
Lounging Areas
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WHO: Rex Salazar and OPEN
WHERE: Near and just inside the Junk Pile
WHEN: Not long after Rex's arrival, prior to the end of the 2 week invasion period
WHAT: As he is sometimes prone to do, Rex separates from Six and manages to wander off in another direction. His path leads him to the Junk Pile and another bug that needs squashing.
WARNINGS: Monster violence.

Er, the Junk Pile. )
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23rd-Jan-2013 08:42 pm
WHO: Saber ([personal profile] pendragon) and Ventus ([personal profile] happyduckbutt)
WHERE: Alpha Trion's Quadrant, Lakeside
WHEN: Now's as good as any
WHAT: Getting in a little magic practice

The wind goes anywhere it wants to, Wishing that I learned my lesson )
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WHO: Ventus, Melan Blue and anybody who want to watch.
WHERE: Somewhere in the Junk Pile
WHEN: Today...?
WHAT: Melan had promised a spar to Ventus. He keeps his promise. Also, some exercise will be good for him. Not getting hurt for more than one week? That's not normal for Melan Blue!
WARNINGS: No doubt that some purple blood will be flying. Maybe some red too.

Ready? FIGHT! )

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1st-Jan-2013 11:28 am - PRAEXIS
WHO: Kay, Wrex, Rocket, Blurr, Cliffjumper, Ventus, Garrus (holy moley)
WHERE: Junkpile, at the sight of thje crashed frigate PRAEXIS
WHEN: Backdate to DECEMBER 28th
WHAT: Clearing out the site and gathering the goodies
WARNINGS: There will be fighting >8c

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WHO: Anyone and Everyone!
WHERE: Around various parts of Haven
WHEN: From now until what counts as 'New Years' for Cybertron (New Years Day for us?)
WHAT: Tree Decorating!
WARNINGS: Infinite cute and maybe tree eating

Well, Kay and Elita had done it. It took awhile, and surprisingly, all in one night, but they'd been able to grab branches from the large crystal trees that the pink robot had grown, and placed them all around Haven. Where, specifically? Outside the temples! Really, surprised no one noticed it.  But to those who walk out of the them, they'll now notice a tree on either their right or left, empty, glittering, and with a note.

Click to see note )

What could this mean? What's this? There's trees everywhere! What's this? And depending on what your alignment is/where you live, you'll get a different tree. 

(ooc: I'll be putting comments up for each quadrant's tree. Comment under whichever one you'd like to react to/decorate/chat with people under. It's a huge mingle thread! Also, don't forget to put your tag in the log!
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12th-Dec-2012 08:58 pm - Much Needed Support
WHO: Rung, Open!
WHERE: At his office in Alpha Trion's quadrant.
WHEN A few days after the Glyphless stuff went down.
WHAT: He knows that a lot of people may need his help right now, so he's spending a lot of time at his office.
WARNINGS: Um...well..who knows what might come up?

Office hours have been extended. )
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12th-Dec-2012 12:34 am - You're Gonna Let It Eat You Away
WHO: Ventus ([personal profile] happyduckbutt) and OPEN
WHERE: Lakeside, Alpha Trion's Quadrant
WHEN A couple of days after the resolving of the Glyphless
WHAT: Restlessness, reflection, and slight disturbing of the peace.
There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends )
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2nd-Dec-2012 08:55 pm - digging through the trash.
WHO: Saber, Ventus, and anyone who wants to join in.
WHERE: The junk pile!
WHEN: A few days or so.
WHAT: Simply looking for things of value/use in the junk pile.

Scavenging wasn't Saber's idea of a good time. )
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Who: Thundercracker, anyone
What: Flying…just for the pure joy of it
When: Now
Where: ALL OVER EVERYWHERE . . . seriously – he’s a fighter jet, an F-15 Eagle, they devour ground distances in miles per second . . . short of the Badlands, he’s just streaking All. The. Hell. Over. Haven and hundreds of miles surrounding. Because he can. He is, though, being careful not to get TOO far away at any given time.
Notes: No real point to this except that I’m still coming down from a high from last weekend, LOL. Despite the quip in TC’s username, I’m a BIG fan of the Blue Angels Naval Flight Demonstration Team (which technically are FA-18 Hornets, the next model /after/ the Eagle, but yeah…I just adore combat jets in general), and I FINALLY got to see them last Saturday at the Miramar Air Show! *DANCES AROUND IN GLEE!!!* So, yeah, got this in my head and it won’t let go, so I’m going with it.

If you’re flight capable, feel free to join him. If you’re not, feel free to get his attention somehow and he’ll come down to you. Posting this as a log because we don’t really have incidental cameras around Haven for random, accidental video, but if you’d like, feel free to comm him with Video or Voice instead. Really, anything’s awesome!

…and the ecstasy of flight! )
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