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Who: Drift and hopefully others
What: After the latest wave of mysterious disappearances, it's time to start throwing in theories.
Where: Near where the Rec Center is, which is as close to neutral territory as Drift can figure.
When: After Ultra Magnus's pep talk.
Warnings: none?

Drift does one last sweep of the area. Not that he's expecting to find much in the way of danger. It was mostly nervous energy. He's not a leader. He knows he's not a leader. That was Rodimus's role. Or Optimus Prime's. Not his. The last time he was a leader, he was Deadlock and his leadership skills....were pretty questionable. And violent.

But they need to talk, and the Link is not a safe place. Hopefully, this is. They need to find out about this Unicron, how this Calling happens, what they can do to prevent it...if anything.

He's lit a small bonfire in the center of the place, figuring at least it'll be a site for mourning. In all their haste, they haven't really done that as a community.

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12th-Sep-2012 09:40 pm - All Around the Mul-Haven Bush! [Open]
WHO: Thundercracker and whoever decides to tag in.
WHERE: All over Haven.
WHEN Any time between the 10th and the 15th (basically, the span of the event)
WHAT: Thundercracker is attempting to learn to control his new teleporting ability. His efforts are taking him - according to him - "all over fragging creation!"
WARNINGS: Grumpy jet? Grumpy jet appearing unannounced in your washrack/shower? 8D;;;
NOTES: Feel free to have him appear wherever. Just be sure to specify the location. And don't forget to add your tag to the post! (Or if you can't, PM me and I'll do it. =3 )

Pit, how did Skywarp manage this!?  He made it look so easy!  He could teleport on a half-fragged thought and still hit his mark with perfection.  Well . . . up to a certain distance, anyway.  But even then, at least he managed to get where he was intending to go!  And didn't just jump without even meaning too!  This was RIDICULOUS!

But . . . ridiculous or not, Thundercracker needed to master this.  And fast.  Because teleporting when he hadn't meant to was inconvenient at best!  Potentially dangerous at worst.  Plus . . . he could certainly see the advantage of having the ability.  That, of course, went without saying, intimately acquainted as he was with the advantage to which his wingmate used it.  And so, Thundercracker had decided to devote time to learning to control this newfound power. 

Unfortunately, it meant a lot of bouncing around to places he hadn't meant to go.  Pit, half the time?  He didn't even know where he was anymore!

He was getting awfully disoriented . . . And frustrated.  Definitely frustrated.

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11th-Sep-2012 12:37 am - EVERYBODY RUN
WHO: DW!Starscream and OPEN
WHERE: All around outside, going from place to place.
WHEN Right after the event starts and he manages to make it out of Megatronus' temple.
WHAT: Giant Starscream.
WARNINGS: ... Giant Starscream?

he's still not as big as his own ego )
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