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WHO: Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen, and Cody
WHERE: The edges of Haven.
WHEN: Early evening of Thursday.
WHAT: The return of a familiar face.

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8th-Jun-2013 06:25 pm - Camping! [Open]
WHO: Cody and his fellow campers
WHERE: In Alpha Trion's quadrant, a short distance from the lake
WHEN: Saturday - Monday
WHAT: Camping!
WARNINGS: Who knows
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7th-Apr-2013 10:10 pm - Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
WHO: Don Dogoier, Captain Marvelous, Cody Burns
WHAT: Dinner with a guest, Don is so excited.
WHEN: Now!
WHERE: The Gokai Galleon

Don has been bustling around the kitchen for quite a while, making a couple of dishes that he expects a kid (even one as serious as Cody) would probably like. There's been a lot of curry going around lately, so he's decided on fried rice, accompanied by a few recipes from his home, and one that Marvelous has been talking about from Famille that Ahim used to like. The tell-tale pause when he mentioned he was making it was approval enough for him.

He's actually landed the ship and put down the ramp, so that Cody doesn't have to climb a rope to get on. Thankfully, nothing too terribly unpleasant is roaming outside, at least that Don can see on the radar. Currently most everything is warming or cooling, waiting for Cody to arrive.
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