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29th-Oct-2012 12:48 pm - Lost Little Crow [CLOSED]
WHO: Kay and Cliffjumper (Prime)
WHERE: Kagerou's nest, Police Headquarters, then eventually her room.
WHEN: After Perceptor's post on the network
WHAT: Getting a bird down from a tree Kay needs to get down from there

Help me )
littlecrowgirl: (I can be sad sometimes)
21st-Sep-2012 12:42 pm - Chasing a lie I thought I believed in
WHO: Kay and whoever stumbles upon her.
WHERE: Junkpile
WHEN: Today
WHAT: Kay's exploring the Junkpile for some items. If you cross her path and talk to her she'll most likely find an item for you.
WARNINGS: She's a little grumpy after being embarrassed in front of Alpha Trion. Feel like cheering her up?

littlecrowgirl: (I can be serious)
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