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27th-Aug-2012 08:44 pm
WHO: Airachnid, Raf
WHERE: Trion's quadrant
WHEN Evening
WHAT: It's not blackmail if... okay, it's totally blackmail
WARNINGS: Uh... Airachnid threatening a child. That's about it

The itsy bitsy spider caught a mouse in its web... the itsy bitsy spider BIT OFF THE MOUSE'S HEAD )
saidthespidertothefly: (creepy crawling)
WHO: Soundwave & YOU
WHERE: Junkpile/Outside in general
WHEN Not too long after Soundwave has an accident with Wing.
WHAT: Feeling like a terrible person, Soundwave checks out early from the Medbay.
WARNINGS: Robo-angst, can't be helped.

as long as you can walk you can carry on )
inferiordude: (time to be heroic!)
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