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Who: Liege Maximo and ALL THE PEOPLE
What: Following the 'Second Wave,' Liege has collected a number of living (and dead) Monster samples to be studied. He has sent out the call: all scientists/medics or otherwise capable persons are welcome to attend his laboratory conference to look over the critters and find out what can be found!
When: Now-ish. Liege took a bit to set this up, so all new and old characters can come!
Where: Liege's Temple

Bring any characters you want, scientists or not! Anyone who comes (IE posts or threads below) will get some samples of Sharkticons or other monster types to work with, and they will also receive a special LABORATORY KIT from an Acolyte, which features a few simple tools sized to your character so they can do their own experiments in the future!
Your character is welcome to learn the following:

-Monsters have superior strength/stamina to their non-lambda counterparts. (IE a Monster Sharkticon would be more brutal, spikier, and nastier than a standard Sharkticon.)
-Beyond the increased attributes there is no physical difference to their makeup. (IE a Sharkticon is still a Sharkticon, a dragon is still a dragon, DNA, scales, and all.)
-Particularly perceptive individuals may notice a trace of an energy signature on the creatures which matches the 'feel' of the badlands. There may be a link between the two...

Liege won't be able to interact with everyone, so this is your chance to MINGLE with others. Tag around, have fun, spend the night, and enjoy the Maximo's superior wash-racks! If you'd rather just explore the temple, you can do that too.

In the dark of the night evil will find you... )
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