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5th-Feb-2014 04:19 pm - INSERT DARK ENERGON HERE
Who: Pharma and Blitzwing
What: Just a routine check-up. Or is it?
When: Now.
Where: Liege's temple.

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Who: Pharma and Skids
What: Skids needs to stop being an energon vampire/zombie. Pharma says he can fix him.
When: Slightly back-dated but now-ish.
Where: Liege's temple
No idea where this thread is going, so be pre-warned that it involves a medical check-up.
Also, Skids will be bringing Pharma info that his friends (Knockout, Perceptor, maybe Jetfire) collected about his condition after he made his initial post.

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20th-Apr-2013 03:20 pm - Over and Over
Who: Pharma, Ambulon
What: Marriage counseling Just a visit
When: Before trial and after Tarn contacting Pharma here:
Where: Liege's Temple
Warnings: The saddest leg of all

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26th-Nov-2012 01:53 pm - questions, answers, etc
WHO: Ambulon, Pharma, Drift
WHERE: Oh, you know... Wandering. I'm going to say somewhere around/near the Junkpile, but not quite in it.
WHEN Going to say a few days after the party at the club, when Ambulon can see straight again.
WHAT: Ambulon decides to search for Pharma, because he needs details on the Delphi incident. Drift is called in for backup.
WARNINGS: Nothing I can think of. I guess if Pharma tries to put up a fight, some violence?

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28th-Oct-2012 12:41 am - [ CLOSED ]
WHO: First Aid & Pharma
WHERE: Pharma's lab, Leige's temple
WHEN Before Overlord's public torture thing, after this thread with Vandal
WHAT: First Aid finally confronts Pharma about Delphi and his suspicions
WARNINGS: Probably violence, possible character death

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WHO: Rung, Ambulon, Pharma ... Ratchet, First Aid, and whoever stages a rescue maybe??? I DUNNO. LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
WHERE: Starts at Prima's temple, and then off we go to Pharma's lab of mystical wonder
WHEN: After this
WHAT: Pharma notices that Rung knows what's up, and decides he needs to keep a man down
WARNINGS: Gorey head wounds, skeevy doctors, things like that

The Acolytes were helpful to direct Ambulon to the altar chamber where they assured him Rung could be found. And sure enough he was there, but the sight was really quite ... sad.

Rung had managed to climb down by himself, but he hadn't gotten much further then that, and was quietly sitting on the floor, leaning against the altar bottom, tiny frame looking even smaller with the large hole blown in the side of his head. There was energon (and other cranial conductive fluid) everywhere, the sheen duller, getting tacky as it clotted. With one hand Rung held his mangled face, trying to keep any more loose, sparking wires from tumbling out, and in the other hand, he was holding... was that a model ship? It was so absurd it just... it was just really, really sad.

Rung's eyes were dim.
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Who: Whirl and OPEN so...uh..hopefully someone?
What: Whirl's been shot in the ass. And IS an ass so he refused to get help. From the guy who shot him in the ass. Go figure.
Where: The Junk Pile
When: nowish
Warnings: WHIRL.

Legitimately, Whirl can't even get that upset by events. Uh, not because he has a conscience or anything and thinks/realizes he actually brought the whole thing on himself by snatching Vandal (she totally deserved it because she lied about the acid), but because, yeah, well, this is how Whirl's life works.

Suck. Everything goes to suck.

Not being able to fly sucks.  But worse than that? The pain is getting boring. Limping got boring a few cycles ago.

He's limping his way across the junk pile, a trail of energon turning clotty on the ground behind him.  Easy to track, and for a klik it had bugged him, but whatever. Even being hunted down and killed would be less boring.

((OOC: any sort of contact is welcome--want to stumble across and harass? Want to actually help? Want to comm him? It's all good!))
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WHO: Ambulon, Drift, Pharma, First Aid (feel free to take your time since y'got another log goin'! :D)
WHERE: About a half-mile outside Nexus Prime's temple.
WHEN: Not long after Ambulon's first post.
WHAT: Ambulon enlists Drift as a guide to seek out First Aid at Ratchet's temple, and hopefully meets up with Pharma as well.
WARNINGS: Nothing really, I'd imagine?

Who: Liege Maximo and ALL THE PEOPLE
What: Following the 'Second Wave,' Liege has collected a number of living (and dead) Monster samples to be studied. He has sent out the call: all scientists/medics or otherwise capable persons are welcome to attend his laboratory conference to look over the critters and find out what can be found!
When: Now-ish. Liege took a bit to set this up, so all new and old characters can come!
Where: Liege's Temple

Bring any characters you want, scientists or not! Anyone who comes (IE posts or threads below) will get some samples of Sharkticons or other monster types to work with, and they will also receive a special LABORATORY KIT from an Acolyte, which features a few simple tools sized to your character so they can do their own experiments in the future!
Your character is welcome to learn the following:

-Monsters have superior strength/stamina to their non-lambda counterparts. (IE a Monster Sharkticon would be more brutal, spikier, and nastier than a standard Sharkticon.)
-Beyond the increased attributes there is no physical difference to their makeup. (IE a Sharkticon is still a Sharkticon, a dragon is still a dragon, DNA, scales, and all.)
-Particularly perceptive individuals may notice a trace of an energy signature on the creatures which matches the 'feel' of the badlands. There may be a link between the two...

Liege won't be able to interact with everyone, so this is your chance to MINGLE with others. Tag around, have fun, spend the night, and enjoy the Maximo's superior wash-racks! If you'd rather just explore the temple, you can do that too.

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3rd-Jul-2012 06:27 pm - TEMPLE OF SCIENCE
WHO: Pharma, Drift, Liege, anyone in Liege's temple that wants to poke Pharma.
WHERE: Pharma's lab or around the temple
WHEN: Now. Herp.
WHAT: Working on the cure, general shenanigans
WARNINGS: Medic snark?

Pharma instructed his acolyte to set the final vial in the test tube rack and sat back, staring at the mess that now occupied his desk. He hated a messy work station. The acolyte would just have to take care of that too. Speaking of the silent robed figure, it really needed a name... it was getting awkward just addressing it as 'acolyte'. The medic wondered briefly how it would react to being called 'First Aid'?

For now, he had nothing more to do until his test patient returned. Perhaps he'd go explore some more of the temple...
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21st-Jun-2012 04:54 pm - OPENING LOG: Awakening
WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Right here, right now.
WHAT: Game opening! Our Heroes find themselves in a strange place not of their own world, however familiar (or not) it may be.

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((OOC: This is it, you guys! Have a blast! Please remember to keep everything under the first thread for now; we'll be adding the Firstforged in in a little bit...

OKAY There is now a second thread to post in! Feel free to make new threads there to react to the arrival of the Firstforged, or respond directly to the Firstforged themselves.))
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