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22nd-Jul-2013 12:08 am - Been through the desert...
WHO: Elita One and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Outskirts of Haven
WHEN: Around now
WHAT: Bumping into each other!
WARNINGS: None, most probably.

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17th-Jul-2013 11:53 pm - [CLOSED] De-stressing
WHO: Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Empty room in Prima's temple
WHEN: Recently
WHAT: Optimus and Fort Max have a spar and probably end up venting and/or pummeling each other WITH FEELS IDEK.
WARNINGS: Fighting and violence for now

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21st-May-2013 09:54 pm - Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news~
WHO: Rung and whoever wants to stop in!
WHERE: The good doctor's office
WHEN: It's an all day affair at Rung's office~ A few days after he discovered his new abilities.
WHAT: Therapy sessions and go!
WARNINGS: Dark pasts, etc?

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25th-Apr-2013 10:18 pm - The Healing Factor
WHO: Rung and Fort Max
WHERE: Rung's Office
WHEN: A few days after Rung's return.
WHAT: It's time for Max to finally sit down with Rung proper like.
WARNINGS: Um..nothing? I don't think at least. B|a

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19th-Apr-2013 06:20 pm - Clearing the Air
WHO: Fortress Maximus and Prowl(And more in the future))
WHERE: Police HQ
WHEN: BACKDATED to the beginning of the week (April 13-ish)
WHAT: Prowl and Max discuss Garrus-9
WARNINGS: Punches to the face are highly likely
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22nd-Mar-2013 11:11 am - gotta stay awake
WHO; Dead End, Fortress Maximus, Rung
WHERE; s o m e w h e r e........probably wherever DE & Rung are hanging out.
WHEN; 22nd-23rd
WHAT; Two dogs one dude. All of which are Cybertronians at core.
WARNINGS; Bad dogs?

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WHO: Fortress Maximus and Soundwave
WHERE: Borderlands of a haven
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHAT: For better or for worst, Fort Max and Soundwave end up crossing paths again with varying results.
WARNINGS: N/A, will update as needed.

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28th-Jan-2013 09:11 pm - CLOSED; that i am just nothing
WHO; Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, later a medic or summat
WHERE; Outskirts (inskirts?) of Prima's quadrant, closer to the Junkyard.
WHEN; Not overly long after Max's conversation with Whirl.
WHAT; Maximus has a drunken tantrum.
WARNINGS; SOMETIMES BEING DRUNK DOESN'T HELP THINGS and just gets you thinking dark things

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WHO: Anyone and Everyone!
WHERE: Around various parts of Haven
WHEN: From now until what counts as 'New Years' for Cybertron (New Years Day for us?)
WHAT: Tree Decorating!
WARNINGS: Infinite cute and maybe tree eating

Well, Kay and Elita had done it. It took awhile, and surprisingly, all in one night, but they'd been able to grab branches from the large crystal trees that the pink robot had grown, and placed them all around Haven. Where, specifically? Outside the temples! Really, surprised no one noticed it.  But to those who walk out of the them, they'll now notice a tree on either their right or left, empty, glittering, and with a note.

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What could this mean? What's this? There's trees everywhere! What's this? And depending on what your alignment is/where you live, you'll get a different tree. 

(ooc: I'll be putting comments up for each quadrant's tree. Comment under whichever one you'd like to react to/decorate/chat with people under. It's a huge mingle thread! Also, don't forget to put your tag in the log!
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WHO: Ultra Magnus. Open if anyone wants to visit him for some reason.
WHERE: His office at the enforcer's HQ.
WHEN Sometime after the Glyphless are all dealt with.
WHAT: There's a lot on Ultra Magnus's mind, but the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord never rests. There's always a task to see to.
WARNINGS: Various mentions of character death in various ways.

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10th-Oct-2012 11:56 pm - WHAT TIME IS IT?
WHO: Fortress Maximus & Entourage
WHERE: Outside the Haven, and that's about as specific as we can get. Generally, south of it.
WHEN Couple days after Max starts organizing things here. Takes place over the course of about a week or so.
WHAT: Max wanted to go exploring and a bunch of people wanted to come with. Sounds like a party.

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9th-Oct-2012 12:47 pm - all decepticons are evil [CLOSED]
WHO: Soundwave, Classics!Cliffjumper, and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Haven's Hub/Recreational Center
WHEN Sometime prior to Fort Max's unsuccessful visit to Rung.
WHAT: Soundwave is preparing the bar. Cliffjumper swings in for a visit. Fortress Maximus wants to check things out. It's a kerfluffle.
WARNINGS: Mild violence, Soundwave being a kicked puppy

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30th-Sep-2012 11:27 pm - no man left behind.
WHO: Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: The Medbay
WHEN Sometime after Magnus drops Ambulon off to see Rung.
WHAT: Time to visit an old comrade; Magnus is off to check in with Maximus.
WARNINGS: PTSD. Massive amounts of it.

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25th-Sep-2012 12:21 am - RUN, LOOK OVER THE HILLS [closed]
WHO: Depth Charge & Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Medbay
WHEN Monday
WHAT: Remember, gentlemen -- it's not revenge you're looking for. It's justice. Depth Charge and Fort Max have a few words in the medical bay concerning monsters.
WARNINGS: Likely a potential mention in prose of robo-gore to some extent.

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