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1st-Mar-2013 05:57 pm - Road Trip Minus Road?
Who: Drift, Barricade, Vandal, Wing and First Aid (anyone else want in on this poke me via PM?)
What: Exploring
When: Day or so after the dance (so there may be hangovers to start?)
Where: Wildernessy waste places.
Warnings: added as needed

((OOC: I'm going to create three placeholder sub-comments below--first night's camp, random encounters, and the ruined village. Feel free to start your own threads under each or add your own categories, and tag around--I think that'd be easier than doing a long rotation.))

Drift certainly hasn't felt like he's been doing his part. It felt good to fight again, good to do something to help defend. But the battle was over and he was feeling that old emptiness gnawing at him--in a world at peace, what good was a warrior?

A warrior could still explore. A warrior could protect himself, move without fear. And, maybe, notice things that could be useful.

He rolls the tension out of his shoulders as the little party all shows up. "Ready?"
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28th-Feb-2013 10:51 pm - Backdated like whoa
Who: Drift and First Aid
What: Unsurprisingly someone got his stupid aft injured fighting the terrorpedes.
Where: field medic field?
When: after the battle.
Warnings: Drift's still an idiot: First Aid may get poofy at him again.

All right. Okay. Fine. Even Drift could--occasionally--admit he was actually a little on the need-of-repairs side of the line. He's only doing this though, because he had plans for later. Big plans. Plans which he did NOT want interrupted or curtailed by nagging.

So he rolled over--a bit limpily on one flattened tire--to where First Aid has set up shop. He'd gotten some bug gut goo all over him, a few bites, and a crushed wrist, but hey, it's all in a day's fun.

He pushed up to his bipedal mode, trying to hide the wince. "Hey. Uh. You busy?"
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1st-Jan-2013 03:18 pm - medbay wandering.
WHO: Saber and First Aid, but anyone is able to join if they'd like!
WHERE: Medbay, Solus' temple.
WHEN: Feb 15th (yay, backtagging).
WHAT: Saber is in the medbay after visiting Vandal and Vector Prime.
WARNINGS: None. Will edit if this changes.

Saber found herself wandering the halls after having visited Vector Prime. )
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17th-Nov-2012 11:42 pm - like a fluffy angst sponge of fluff
Who: Ironfist and First Aid and open  (if you want to stroll past go for it!)
What: Rooching in Ironfist's head
Where/When:  In the bar at the Hub, shortly after the meeting log.
Warnings: TBD

Ironfist had always believed in hope, had always believed in heroes, in things bigger and braver and bolder than himself. He'd believed in fate, and destiny and glory and honor.

He didn't know what he believed in, now. Aequitas squatted in his brain module like some enormous toad, like a too-sharp lens that cast everything into violent focus. There weren't any heroes.  There wasn't anything like glory or noble sacrifice or any of the things he'd tried to convince himself was more important than the pain of losing friends.

It was fitting, symbolic in a way that Fisitron could appreciate, that it was Skyfall's fault that he had the bullet slowly eating its way toward his brain. It was a weight he'd lived under, before Garrus-9, that he was going to die. He'd fantasized about dying a hero, but now?

There were no heroes. All he wanted to do was just...not hurt anyone anymore.

He didn't expect anything to come of it: he was only here because First Aid wanted it so badly and his bruised hope could take another blow better than First Aid. Let him try, though it was probably cruel.  At least First Aid would get to feel like he'd helped, and sometimes, Ironfist knew, that meant everything.

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28th-Oct-2012 12:41 am - [ CLOSED ]
WHO: First Aid & Pharma
WHERE: Pharma's lab, Leige's temple
WHEN Before Overlord's public torture thing, after this thread with Vandal
WHAT: First Aid finally confronts Pharma about Delphi and his suspicions
WARNINGS: Probably violence, possible character death

Cue CSI miami theme )
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4th-Sep-2012 12:50 am - [ CLOSED ]
WHO: TFP!Ratchet and IDW First Aid
WHERE: Medbay, Solus's temple
WHAT: First Aid try hard every day. Sometimes he just gets tired out. :c
WARNINGS: kawaii

all corrupted thought dig their nails into my optimistic shell )
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19th-Aug-2012 09:26 pm - Remedy
WHO: Wing and First Aid (as Wing wakes up), then anyone who decides to come by...
WHERE: Ratchet's Medibay
WHEN: Now. After this, and this, this, this.
WHAT: Wing wakes up in medibay, mostly recovered from the accident with Soundwave.
WARNINGS: None yet. Probably lots of FEELS though?

He stirs... )
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Who: Whirl and OPEN so...uh..hopefully someone?
What: Whirl's been shot in the ass. And IS an ass so he refused to get help. From the guy who shot him in the ass. Go figure.
Where: The Junk Pile
When: nowish
Warnings: WHIRL.

Legitimately, Whirl can't even get that upset by events. Uh, not because he has a conscience or anything and thinks/realizes he actually brought the whole thing on himself by snatching Vandal (she totally deserved it because she lied about the acid), but because, yeah, well, this is how Whirl's life works.

Suck. Everything goes to suck.

Not being able to fly sucks.  But worse than that? The pain is getting boring. Limping got boring a few cycles ago.

He's limping his way across the junk pile, a trail of energon turning clotty on the ground behind him.  Easy to track, and for a klik it had bugged him, but whatever. Even being hunted down and killed would be less boring.

((OOC: any sort of contact is welcome--want to stumble across and harass? Want to actually help? Want to comm him? It's all good!))
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WHO: Ambulon, Drift, Pharma, First Aid (feel free to take your time since y'got another log goin'! :D)
WHERE: About a half-mile outside Nexus Prime's temple.
WHEN: Not long after Ambulon's first post.
WHAT: Ambulon enlists Drift as a guide to seek out First Aid at Ratchet's temple, and hopefully meets up with Pharma as well.
WARNINGS: Nothing really, I'd imagine?

WHO: First Aid, Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Megatronus' quadrant
WHEN Soon after Overlord makes his appearance on the Link
WHAT: Fort Max has a bit of a breakdown, finding out that his tormentor of three years is not as 'gone' as others once claimed.
WARNINGS: Strong allusions/references/memories of various types of torture/trauma.

about how even the dead can come back )
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28th-Jul-2012 10:38 am - [Open - Communal] Meet 'n' Greet!
WHO: Anyone! Hosted by Wing, Vectorians especially encouraged.
WHERE: One of the larger upper platforms in Vector Prime's Quadrant.
WHAT: Mixer for Vectorians and general social gathering for everyone.
WARNINGS: None yet. (But there's booze the very least there might be bad karaoke)

Upon entering Vector Prime's domain it's obvious that things are a foot. The typically serene atmosphere is enlivened with notes of music and the murmur of voices punctuated by the occasional bubble of laughter that filters down from the upper heights, a soft glow of illuminating one of the larger platforms with a structure built on it. Colorful streamers fly from crystalline light poles, marking the way through the various crystal bridges and small platforms, until one reaches the large terrace on which the gathering is situated.

A large pavilion-like structure, enclosed on two sides but otherwise open to a majestic view of the gorge and beyond, shelters the bulk of the gathering. Its roof is several stories tall, enough to accommodate their First Forged benefactor should he choose to join them, and what could be considered a dance floor sprawls off to the side. The platform edges have been lined with a railing here unlike most of the others, to waylay any highgrade assisted trips into the gorge itself. Along another wall, nearest the open area, speakers and other equipment have been setup to provide music and other entertainment. One of Vector Prime's Acolytes greets newcomers with a simple nod, and may later be seen looking after the replenishent of refreshments as needed.

Tables of typical Cybertronian height line one wall, where tapped cylinders of softly glowing energon, both standard and highgrade, sit alongside cubes waiting to be filled. Various pieces of make-shift seating suitable to the average mech are scattered around. Central to the pavilion is a wide raised platform, about waist height to the average Cybertronian, designed to allow the shorter attendees to converse with their taller robotic fellows at eye level. Human scale ladders allow access to and from the floor, and occupying the platform is a buffet table accompanied by several mis-matched chairs.

The buffet table is covered with an eclectic assortment of refreshments and serving implements more suitable to organics, mostly non-perishable pantry type goods, (you can be certain there's Twinkies!) along with a odd collection of various alcohols including a bottle or two of whiskey. At the end of one table sits an old refrigerator on its back, now tasked with being a simple ice box, filled entirely with chunks of clean snow and ice from Liege Maximo's quadrant. Accompanying it are wax paper cups and a pitcher of fruity syrup that smells reminiscent of Kool-Aid. (make yourself a snow cone!)

The pavilion is attached to a larger building, two doors at the rear of the pavilion each lead to two separate rooms. One that appears to be in use for the storage of unused supplies and materials while the other is filled with makeshift seating of various sizes, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. To the rear there is access to a second floor, the rooms of which appear to be currently unused.

Barricade and Soundwave have agreed to provide musical entertainment for the evening.

Miko may play some guitar for us if we can find a way to power her amp.

Wing will perform a traditional narrative sword kata with some musical accompaniment.

Vector Prime himself may make an appearance at some point as well.

((---This is COMMUNAL log and designed to be a mixer, so post to note your attendance and then tag around!---))

((If you'd like to do a game, performance or other activity feel free to make a post for it and let me know, then I'll highlight it here.))

((I tried to set a foundation for the scene but leave a lot of stuff open, so feel free to embellish where you like. We have access to pretty much anything that's mundane though likely it comes from the Junk Pile. Feel free to have your character bring something if they want.))
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21st-Jul-2012 07:07 pm - Ave Maria [OPEN]
WHO: Karrie (VANDAL) and YOU!
WHERE: The Medbay; Solus Temple.
WHEN Sunday morning
WHAT: Vandal, awake and having broken her fever, is no longer in immediate danger of dying, so she decides to keep her hands busy.
WARNINGS: ... She's got a foul mouth when she's upset, but otherwise she's pretty tame. Also slight disturbing imagery.

I didn't know what those two women were singing about, but it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. )
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