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WHO: Wreck-Gar and whoever shows up
WHERE: Solian temple
WHEN now
WHAT: Wreck-Gar returns to the temple with entertainment!
WARNINGS: Excessive tv talk?

It was, with a giddy laugh, that Wreck-Gar returned to the Solian Temple, having just come from the Junkpile.  In addition to all kinds of useful little bits of discarded trash, he had found something worth finding.  A television.  It didn't look like it would pick up anything, but it did look like it came with a video player.  And that was when he'd also found a virtual smorgasbord of videos.  It was like a gift from above.

Of course, such a gift had to be shared.  So Wreck-Gar found a good spot to set the TV up, where plenty of people could gather.  He took a long look at the power cable before removing something from his insides and ramming the plug into that.  The TV started up.

Carefully, he selected one of the videos and pushed it into the machine.  In a moment, familiar band strains of music started up, following by the appearance of a green felt puppet on the screen.

"It's the Muppet Show!  With out very special guest....  ALICE COOPER!   YAAAAAAAY!"

Wreck-Gar clapped with glee as the show started up. 
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WHO: G1 Perceptor, Drift, and you!
WHERE: Solus Temple and Medibay
WHEN: Just after Perceptor's arrival
WHAT: Perceptor and Drift have to clean spider good off of them, and then Drift still needs a few repairs.
WARNINGS: Awkward nerd is awkward. Otherwise, none.
NOTE: Open to anyone who might be in or around the Medibay or the temple!

To infinity! And beyo-- oh. To the shower. )
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