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2nd-Sep-2013 10:29 pm
WHO: FoC Perceptor and Grimlock
WHERE: Perceptor's Lab
WHEN: After the whole Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Police Force Destiny thing.
WHAT: Grimlock tantrums, Perceptor's lab pays the price. Again.
WARNINGS: Updated as needed.

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sciencetank: (Drift who?  Never heard of him.)
25th-Feb-2013 06:24 pm - "What are you doing?" "Scannin..."
Who: Shockwave's Drones & You! (and possibly him in person)
What: A swarm of drones begins to investigate what they can of the Haven
Where: Everywhere!
When: Last Night
Warnings: PROBES
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staresat: (drone)
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