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WHO: Thundercracker and whoever decides to visit
WHERE: One of the medbays
WHEN: Backdated to during and just after the Air Show
WHAT: Convalescing.  And complaining.  Mostly in silence.  ...mostly.
WARNINGS: Irritable Seeker being irritable?
NOTES: It's too late in my mind to get into the air show log (hiatuses suck like that sometimes 9,9), but TC would have been there.  If he could.  So here's why he wasn't.  Anyone wanna come try to cheer up Mr. Cranky McJetpants?  8D

As the humans would say, this sucked. )

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12th-Mar-2013 09:37 pm - Dinner Time
Who: Skids and YOU!
What: Sparkeater Skids is roaming the Haven, looking for delicious robots whose souls he can eat.
When: For a few days before and after this post.
Skids is a Sparkeater, and as such is ravenous for the life energy that powers Cybertronians. Most robots that aren't Cybertronian are safe, but if you think your robot has anything close to a spark I'm more than willing to fudge it and have him try to give it a bite.

How does this work?

In canon, the humanoid sparkeater seems to have some method of coaxing a transformer's processor out of their head, which effectively locks them up and releases their spark, so to speak. He then eats it. However, there are other sparkeating turbofoxes which don't have so complicated a ritual and seem to be capable of just getting a spark chamber open and giving it a nom. I'm cool with whatever, so if you'd like your character to go through some spark-chewing trauma but survive intact, just note that when you post!

Skids is still Skids, just species swapped. Therefore, it still looks like him but with a lot more rust, randomly missing panels, and tentacles. Glorious, H.R. Giger tentacles. He's still himself in there, so if you're organic it will be possible to talk to him and even reason with him. If you've got a spark, though, his hunger will overpower his reason and he'll go after it. However, unless you note that you want your spark chewed (or eaten! I'm game for some good old death) then I'll let your character find a way to escape unscathed, possibly via comedic pratfall.

Questions? Just ask on plurk or send me a PM~


He's on the Prowl. No, not THAT Prowl. )

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