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25th-Sep-2012 04:16 pm - Yellow and Red [Closed]
WHO: Ratchet [Bayverse] and Ratchet [Prime]
WHERE: The Junk Pile
WHEN Tuesday
WHAT: Two medics in a junk pile
WARNINGS: medic talk, discussion of torture (?), medic snark. will edit if needed

Between watching over his Autobots, and occasional skims of the Link, Ratchet spent time in the Junk pile, gathering materials for reserves and repairs, and today will find him there, clambering over the piles, tossing keepers into his own little pile, and using his laser and buzzsaws to cut pieces to a more reasonable size. Light glinted off the neon chartreuse paint and his metalwork while he worked, all the while keeping a light sensor net active, just in case there were others with less than savory intentions.
neonmedic: (Bright)
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