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WHO: Prime!Ratchet, Sari, and maybe some Animated!Optimus as guardian~
WHERE: Ratchet's medbay
WHEN ...ha. Haha. WAY BACKDATED. Before the monster event.
WHAT: Sari was injured before arrival, in her home universe. And... she needs a medic, not a doctor.
WARNINGS: Mild gore? And potentially panicked little girls. :c

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21st-Jun-2012 04:54 pm - OPENING LOG: Awakening
WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Right here, right now.
WHAT: Game opening! Our Heroes find themselves in a strange place not of their own world, however familiar (or not) it may be.

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((OOC: This is it, you guys! Have a blast! Please remember to keep everything under the first thread for now; we'll be adding the Firstforged in in a little bit...

OKAY There is now a second thread to post in! Feel free to make new threads there to react to the arrival of the Firstforged, or respond directly to the Firstforged themselves.))
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