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WHO: Wing, Drift's remains and anyone who happens by.
WHERE: Mostly at Vector's Temple in the altar room, but he might be encountered carrying the body between there and Tankceptor's lab.
WHEN: A little while after this. (Ultra Magnus's announcement.)
WHAT: Wing recovers the body of his lover, friend and partner then treats is accordingly.
WARNINGS: Exploring stage 1 and 2 of grief here, so a some Very Sad Things to follow. Reference to character death by burning, reference to canon character death, grief, denial, anger...If you're skevved by integration with dead bodies you might not like this?

NOTES:This is mostly a narrative ficlet (TL:DR I know, it's cool) but if people want to tag it they are welcome to. (took it down for a bit while I worked out some continuity concerns, but it's back now!)
SOUNDTRACK: Redemption | Aurora | I Grieve

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31st-Oct-2012 11:48 pm
Who: The Doctor and Open
Where: The edge of the Badlands.
When: Backdated to later in the evening, as the Call got worse.
What: The Doctor follows the Call. Or at least troes to until you meddling metal blokes stop him!
Warnings: A seriously grouchy, prickly Doctor trying to solve a mystery and getting interrupted...? Tread lightly.

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