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WHO: Vandal and Wing
WHERE: Vector's Temple
WHEN: Backdated to during the species swap event, after Vandal's night with Drift.
WHAT: Flying lessons
WARNINGS: Vandal language. Probably innuendo. Maybe schmoop?

There's a stormy world up there )
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1st-Mar-2013 05:57 pm - Road Trip Minus Road?
Who: Drift, Barricade, Vandal, Wing and First Aid (anyone else want in on this poke me via PM?)
What: Exploring
When: Day or so after the dance (so there may be hangovers to start?)
Where: Wildernessy waste places.
Warnings: added as needed

((OOC: I'm going to create three placeholder sub-comments below--first night's camp, random encounters, and the ruined village. Feel free to start your own threads under each or add your own categories, and tag around--I think that'd be easier than doing a long rotation.))

Drift certainly hasn't felt like he's been doing his part. It felt good to fight again, good to do something to help defend. But the battle was over and he was feeling that old emptiness gnawing at him--in a world at peace, what good was a warrior?

A warrior could still explore. A warrior could protect himself, move without fear. And, maybe, notice things that could be useful.

He rolls the tension out of his shoulders as the little party all shows up. "Ready?"
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22nd-Feb-2013 08:15 am - A formal dance.
WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Atrium, Haven's Hub.
WHEN: Today! The dance will go on from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
WHAT: Have your top hat and cane? This is a formal ball. The origination is a drunken Vandal and battle-worn Saber.
WARNINGS: Could be anything from bar fights to drunken swearing to people tripping over their own feet or people making out in a corner.

Details inside! Please read! )

Reception Area
Dance Floor
Lounging Areas
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13th-Feb-2013 10:01 am - HONEY I'm HOOOOOOOME
Who: Drift and Vandal and Wing if he wants to?
What: After a busy day of monster killing, the conquering hero returns to his damsel in bug-phobic distress
Where: Solus's. Sorry about the floor.
When: nowish?
Warnings: none likely except weeaboo and derp and terrible, terrible lines

It hadn't gone quite as expected, but then again, battle never did. That was part of what made it interesting. Still, it had been good to get out and do something: Drift felt so useless in peacetime, and sparring could only take the edge off so much. He isn't quite comfortable with the fact that he needs it, to fight, to kill, but right now, when it's been put to good purpose--saving the Haven, he pushes those darker thoughts aside, rolling into Solus's temple at top speed.

He looks a little worse for wear, but, well, you know. Maybe chicks dig battle scars. Or maybe he just wants her to use a dent puller on him.

"Vandal?" He pushes up to his bot mode, leaving sticky smeary terrorpede fluid footprints in a messy trail. "It's safe to come out now."
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Who: Drift and open
What: Catharsis
When Nowish
Where Outside Vector's place
Warnings Damage to harmless innocent geology and if you look slantwise, suicidal tendencies maybe?

It's morning--or what passes for it here. And there's a sharp, ringing sound, of metal on stone, and then another. They keep coming, sometimes a quick flurry, sometimes one, or two at a time, like the blows are calculated.

Drift's standing in a rough circle, blades drawn, in a loose version of an old Decepticon training ring. On the main vectors of the circle, at the perimeter stand rough pillars of stone: crystal and schist, nodules of manganese and pyrite.

Fool's gold. It's fitting.

There are sparks, as the metal of Drift's blades strike flint in the sedimentary stones, or larger sparks, as he slices into the strange quartz of this place. His style isn't like Wing's--Wing's bladework is elegant, almost dancer-like: Drift's is sharp and explosive, honed less on a pretty, underground practice floor than in the thick of combat.

He's fighting something here. Not enemies, but himself.

After a moment, he throws the two short blades aside, their blades ringing on the stone, and draws the Great Sword. There's a blaze of light, like sunlight or flame, from the golden gem in its hilt, and bright energy skitters down the blade, filling the glyphs like liquid light, as he moves to attack one of the mindless chunks of stone again, his face set and resolute.
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1st-Jan-2013 09:54 pm - Bath time.
WHO: Vandal and Ambulon
WHERE: Medbay of course!
WHEN: Sometime after new years.
WHAT: Brushie brushie. Ambulon emerges from his cocoon to become a beautiful purple leg.

Even grumpy medics need some TLC. )
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30th-Dec-2012 10:22 pm - Atheist Christmas Carol
WHO: Van, Drift, Perceptor and Wing
WHERE: Starting at the Medbay
WHEN Backdating to Christmas day
WHAT: Celebrating a human holiday with three big derps.

It's the season of grace coming out of the void. Where a man is saved by a voice in the distance. )
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25th-Dec-2012 01:24 am - 'TIS THE SEASON
WHO: Vandal and IDW!Perceptor
WHERE: Starting in the medbay
WHAT: Schmoop.

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16th-Dec-2012 07:07 pm - Hallways always [OPEN]
who: Vandal and any visitors. [OPEN]
what: Vandal is bed-bound, recovering from her month-long detainment and torture.
when: All this week.
where: The Medbay
warnings: very yes
notes: Tag in your own threads, it can be set during any point in the week.

I'm haunted. By the lives that wove the web, inside my haunted head )
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28th-Nov-2012 10:51 pm - This Is Not Hell
WHO: Vandal, Prism.
WHERE: Prism's lab
WHEN Over the course of a few weeks.
WHAT: Vandal's POV of her capture, detainment and "experimentation".
WARNINGS: Torture, gore, medical malpractice (putting it lightly), violent imagery, do NOT click if you have an eye-squick.

This is purgatory, I've opened my doors of perception and can't get them shut, now I feel fucked for free. )
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WHO: Soundwave, Wing and EVERYONE.
WHERE: The as-of-yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Today until of the Calling event ends.
WHAT: It’s the Calling but in stereo, so we’re having a love-in at the bar.
WARNINGS: Umm, booze. And WEH. And maybe bad renditions of Kumbaya.
NOTES: Communal log: make a post to show you’re there then tag around!

Soundtrack: 1, (more later when there is less brain death)
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29th-Oct-2012 05:52 pm - [ OPEN ]
WHO: SniPerceptor & whoever wanders by
WHERE: Medbay
WHEN Post-rescue
WHAT: Guess who's waking up on the wrong side of the limbless bed.
WARNINGS: Severe physical trauma including dismemberment, eye and face trauma. Potential mentions of torture.

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24th-Oct-2012 10:19 pm
Who: Drift, Vandal and Wing
What: An evening drive
When: After this
Warnings fluffier than a blowdried sheep

Drift was worried about Vandal. He figured anyone seeing that post would worry. She looked different. Tense, like under stress. And he couldn't do much: he wasn't First Aid. He wasn't Rung. He couldn't do anything to help her...except this.

He rolled up outside her trailer. The last time he'd been here had been back then, when he could fit inside the trailer. It felt strange to see it again from the 'right' perspective, feeling less weak and powerless. She'd been so strong for him back then, even facing Wing, she'd been stronger and smarter than he was. He wished she could see that, could see herself the way he did.

He stays in his alt mode, giving a fast little honk. "Ready?" He was determined to make tonight go well, to keep that smile on her face.
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WHO: Vandal and Wing
WHERE: The yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Sometime last week, after Drift leaves for the Badlands and before the bar opens officially
WHAT: Finishing touches on the bar and decorating for the grand opening. Also friends drinking and being stupid. Probably more of the latter than the former, whoops.
WARNINGS: Vandal's mouth, and probably bad innuendo and sex jokes?

So wrap your troubles in dreams, and dream your troubles away )
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