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2nd-Jul-2013 08:13 pm - [ open ]
WHO: Arcee & anyone
WHERE: Mostly Leige's place, but she's going to be checking other places. Please note where they're at!
WHEN: Over the week
WHAT: Arcee scouting around, clinging to buildings, invading ceilings and vents, perching on roofs, and generally spying on people and being awkward.
WARNINGS: None currently?

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24th-Oct-2012 11:51 pm - Your safe isn't safe
WHO: Catwoman and OPEN
WHERE: Vector Prime's temple
WHEN Nowish.
WHAT: Catwoman is stalking the halls of Vector's temple. And sneaking into places. You know typical Catwoman stuff.
WARNINGS: Probably horrible innuendo, but other than that? Doubtful.

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