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30th-Jun-2013 09:47 pm - [N00b inc0ming!] [open-ish]
WHO: Zer0 and Hot Rod
WHERE: Prima's Quadrant - the foot of the cliff where Prima's temple is
WHEN: After this log
WHAT: Zer0 and Hot Rod have agreed to spar.
WARNINGS: Violence, bad haiku

Zer0 had not, in fact, known where 'Prima's Quadrant' was, or how to get there. Neither of these facts were insurmountable, though transportation had proven slightly more difficult. There had been... a few communication difficulties between himself and the 'Acolyte' figures.

Nonetheless, he arrived in good time. Enough time, in fact, to eschew the paths and take to rougher terrain. Recognizing the brightly-colored figure from the video, Zer0 slipped around the architectural features until he was behind his new sparring partner.

Only then did he step into plain view. "Greetings."
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