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1st-Mar-2013 05:57 pm - Road Trip Minus Road?
Who: Drift, Barricade, Vandal, Wing and First Aid (anyone else want in on this poke me via PM?)
What: Exploring
When: Day or so after the dance (so there may be hangovers to start?)
Where: Wildernessy waste places.
Warnings: added as needed

((OOC: I'm going to create three placeholder sub-comments below--first night's camp, random encounters, and the ruined village. Feel free to start your own threads under each or add your own categories, and tag around--I think that'd be easier than doing a long rotation.))

Drift certainly hasn't felt like he's been doing his part. It felt good to fight again, good to do something to help defend. But the battle was over and he was feeling that old emptiness gnawing at him--in a world at peace, what good was a warrior?

A warrior could still explore. A warrior could protect himself, move without fear. And, maybe, notice things that could be useful.

He rolls the tension out of his shoulders as the little party all shows up. "Ready?"
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22nd-Feb-2013 08:15 am - A formal dance.
WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Atrium, Haven's Hub.
WHEN: Today! The dance will go on from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
WHAT: Have your top hat and cane? This is a formal ball. The origination is a drunken Vandal and battle-worn Saber.
WARNINGS: Could be anything from bar fights to drunken swearing to people tripping over their own feet or people making out in a corner.

Details inside! Please read! )

Reception Area
Dance Floor
Lounging Areas
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9th-Feb-2013 05:51 pm - Piercing into the sky and higher
WHO: White Knight, OPEN
WHAT: Arrival, exploration. White's getting a lay of the land and you might see him in the area.
WHERE: Prima's sector, starting at the temple and moving outward toward Trion's sector.
WHEN: Afternoon/evening of Feb 9

And the strong will thrive... )
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8th-Feb-2013 02:41 am - [Open]
WHO: Megatronus Prime and anyone volunteering to come along on his monster killin' Badlands expedition.
WHERE: The arena in Megatronus' sector.
WHEN: Wednesday through early Saturday.
WHAT: After putting out a call for volunteers to come out to the Badlands with him and cure their monster problem once and for all, Megatronus waits for interested parties to show. Those brave enough to make an appearance will be given a bonus power for the next week or so.
WARNINGS: The potential for graphic violence exists beyond the cut.

Just because he asked for your help doesn't mean he needs it. )
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29th-Jan-2013 07:30 pm - [Open!]
WHO: Open to everyone if you want to interact with Knock Out but there's one private thread for Dead End and Rung
WHERE: The medbay, Solus Temple
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Knock Out's is working for once, if you ask him he will say its only to please his sexy lady FirstForged. He's checking on patients, treating your muse if he/she is the one injured, practicing an autopsy on one of the giant bugs (thanks Fracas for that).....the usual for a docbot.
WARNINGS: Snark, gossiping, sassy Cons at work...I will update if needed.

Doctor in the house )
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16th-Jan-2013 09:51 pm - [Closed]
WHO: Drift and Wing
WHERE: Near the Badlands (the new/nearer patch?)
WHEN: A short time after this, during January's plot event.
WHAT: Wing returns from his 'walkabout' only to discover Drift is missing. Also, Badlands are Bad. :c
WARNINGS: None yet.

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Who: Drift and open
What: Catharsis
When Nowish
Where Outside Vector's place
Warnings Damage to harmless innocent geology and if you look slantwise, suicidal tendencies maybe?

It's morning--or what passes for it here. And there's a sharp, ringing sound, of metal on stone, and then another. They keep coming, sometimes a quick flurry, sometimes one, or two at a time, like the blows are calculated.

Drift's standing in a rough circle, blades drawn, in a loose version of an old Decepticon training ring. On the main vectors of the circle, at the perimeter stand rough pillars of stone: crystal and schist, nodules of manganese and pyrite.

Fool's gold. It's fitting.

There are sparks, as the metal of Drift's blades strike flint in the sedimentary stones, or larger sparks, as he slices into the strange quartz of this place. His style isn't like Wing's--Wing's bladework is elegant, almost dancer-like: Drift's is sharp and explosive, honed less on a pretty, underground practice floor than in the thick of combat.

He's fighting something here. Not enemies, but himself.

After a moment, he throws the two short blades aside, their blades ringing on the stone, and draws the Great Sword. There's a blaze of light, like sunlight or flame, from the golden gem in its hilt, and bright energy skitters down the blade, filling the glyphs like liquid light, as he moves to attack one of the mindless chunks of stone again, his face set and resolute.
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30th-Dec-2012 10:22 pm - Atheist Christmas Carol
WHO: Van, Drift, Perceptor and Wing
WHERE: Starting at the Medbay
WHEN Backdating to Christmas day
WHAT: Celebrating a human holiday with three big derps.

It's the season of grace coming out of the void. Where a man is saved by a voice in the distance. )
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WHO: Drift and Wing
WHERE: One of the caves lining the walls of the gorge where Vector's temple is located.
WHEN: A short time after this.
WHAT: Drift is sulking over various things following his death and Wing has an apology to make because he's a big dumb.
WARNINGS: None yet.

My fingers in creases of distant dark places )
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17th-Dec-2012 05:42 pm
WHO: Vector Prime and YOU!
WHERE: Solus Prime's medbay!
WHEN During the week; timing can be flexed.
WHAT: COME VISIT VECTOR IN THE MEDBAY. He is an unhappy (not-so-)little spacejet recovering from his fight against Ramjet!

... )
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16th-Dec-2012 07:07 pm - Hallways always [OPEN]
who: Vandal and any visitors. [OPEN]
what: Vandal is bed-bound, recovering from her month-long detainment and torture.
when: All this week.
where: The Medbay
warnings: very yes
notes: Tag in your own threads, it can be set during any point in the week.

I'm haunted. By the lives that wove the web, inside my haunted head )
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WHO: Thundercracker and whoever encounters him
WHERE: Lakeside by Alpha Trion's temple (hey, brooding by the lake worked for Ventus *shot*)
WHEN: Um....before Prism's post, actually, otherwise TC'd be occupied with that - so...yesterday?  Or early this morning...
WHAT: Worrying his aft off Contemplations
WARNINGS: TC brooding? Otherwise, none really, unless someone else brings something.  Also TOTES NOT STEALING AN IDEAOTL  S-sorry?  I got the idea for the narrative itself, the thoughts, without knowing where to put it.  I was going to have him just idly flying, but then the idea of stones dropping into the water just...wouldn't leave me alone...

He's got one hell of a question before him )

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12th-Dec-2012 08:58 pm - Much Needed Support
WHO: Rung, Open!
WHERE: At his office in Alpha Trion's quadrant.
WHEN A few days after the Glyphless stuff went down.
WHAT: He knows that a lot of people may need his help right now, so he's spending a lot of time at his office.
WARNINGS: Um...well..who knows what might come up?

Office hours have been extended. )
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WHO: Wing, Drift's remains and anyone who happens by.
WHERE: Mostly at Vector's Temple in the altar room, but he might be encountered carrying the body between there and Tankceptor's lab.
WHEN: A little while after this. (Ultra Magnus's announcement.)
WHAT: Wing recovers the body of his lover, friend and partner then treats is accordingly.
WARNINGS: Exploring stage 1 and 2 of grief here, so a some Very Sad Things to follow. Reference to character death by burning, reference to canon character death, grief, denial, anger...If you're skevved by integration with dead bodies you might not like this?

NOTES:This is mostly a narrative ficlet (TL:DR I know, it's cool) but if people want to tag it they are welcome to. (took it down for a bit while I worked out some continuity concerns, but it's back now!)
SOUNDTRACK: Redemption | Aurora | I Grieve

...they say life carries on )
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