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Starscream [ Shattered Glass ] ([personal profile] loyalflier) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2014-02-21 08:13 pm

Can't Master Anything Face Down on the Ground

Who: Starscream & Blurr ( and maybe Cliffjumper )
What: Blurr needs to stop passing out.
When: Feb 21st
Where: Alpha Trion's quadrant
Notes: Tiny Blurr is tiny.

[ there are no projects to work on here - not yet. Ratchet has been dealt with, but that entire situation doesn't settle on Starscream that easily. so he takes to doing something that will clear his head - flying. it's the best way for him to adjust and get used to this Cybertron - well that and he does enjoy being in the air.

Starscream only lands to take a look around the lake. he had been told that there is more organic features on this Cybertron, but he had yet to observe them for himself. transforming back to his robot form, the red and white flier just takes a walk. Earth has such an array of features adoring its surface - mountains, oceans... so much fauna and wildlife. it's such a stark contrast between that and his own home planet... yet here they seem to work together, in a way. it's fascinating.

however, he can't really take too long to think about it - there's an awfully familiar blue mech just strewn about the ground. worry settles in as Starscream closes the distance. a quick scan tells him that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong on the outside - only that the smaller mech is out like a light. being careful, Starscream picks him up - it's not like he can just leave Blurr our here all defenseless - and starts to head back in the direction of where all those medics should be. ]

I am starting to get this notion that you are one troublesome little mech...

[ he should... let people know what's going on, right? ]

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