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Can't Master Anything Face Down on the Ground

Who: Starscream & Blurr ( and maybe Cliffjumper )
What: Blurr needs to stop passing out.
When: Feb 21st
Where: Alpha Trion's quadrant
Notes: Tiny Blurr is tiny.

[ there are no projects to work on here - not yet. Ratchet has been dealt with, but that entire situation doesn't settle on Starscream that easily. so he takes to doing something that will clear his head - flying. it's the best way for him to adjust and get used to this Cybertron - well that and he does enjoy being in the air.

Starscream only lands to take a look around the lake. he had been told that there is more organic features on this Cybertron, but he had yet to observe them for himself. transforming back to his robot form, the red and white flier just takes a walk. Earth has such an array of features adoring its surface - mountains, oceans... so much fauna and wildlife. it's such a stark contrast between that and his own home planet... yet here they seem to work together, in a way. it's fascinating.

however, he can't really take too long to think about it - there's an awfully familiar blue mech just strewn about the ground. worry settles in as Starscream closes the distance. a quick scan tells him that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong on the outside - only that the smaller mech is out like a light. being careful, Starscream picks him up - it's not like he can just leave Blurr our here all defenseless - and starts to head back in the direction of where all those medics should be. ]

I am starting to get this notion that you are one troublesome little mech...

[ he should... let people know what's going on, right? ]

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He's the tiniest

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[Is not as if Blurr seeks out trouble. He has a natural talent for it, that's all. The racer was practicing his new powers because Vector Prime told him that with time (no pun intended) those could be mastered.

He was doing it away from any temple just in case something happened. Trion's quadrant was a peaceful place and he could concentrate better near the lake. His turbofox Frank was with him, but he ran away chasing some of the yellow bugs Jetfire freed sum time ago. After much concentration, Blurr was able again to create a bubble of time. The effort was too much for him and he passed out five minutes later.

Now, with his conscience returning, he's barely aware of what is happening but he can tell he's moving. Blurr also feels very comfortable and he's a bit reticent about opening his optics.] Hmm....
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ashdgajsd ty <3 He tries

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[It's been some time since Blurr had a proper rest. He has been too worried with all the problems in the Haven, McCrane getting hurt, people getting sick...

However, a little voice in the back of his processor tells him that he should wake up and get back to be useful. He opens his optics, very slightly because everything is so blurry and shinny all of sudden that it makes him want to close them again.]

Uh...wha...? [He looks up. Oh ey, Starscream.......wait.] W-what?
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And most careless too!

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[The only reason Cliffjumper was able to turn up as quickly as he was, skidding to a stop a short bit away from Starscream and Blurr and then walking the rest of the way, was because he'd been relatively nearby.]

What the slag did ya do now, Blurr?

Is he okay?

[Looking from one to the other, Cliffjumper huffed as he fell in step beside Starscream.]
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That's the curse of being Blurr :(

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Cliff? [Wow Cliffjumper, so much tack. Already blaming him? Blurr is too confused about what is even going on to reply immediately. He stares at Starscream, then at Cliffjumper and then back at the seeker, noticing that he's on Starscream's arms. His optics get really bright.]

W-why are you holding me? Don't tell me I passed out again? I swear, Vector never mentioned that it would be so hard....
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[The blame goes where it belongs, after all! (though sometimes it doesn't)]

Well that's somethin', then. Good thing you saw him. [Cliffjumper says with a grunt as he eyes Blurr and his growing confusion.]

Did ya pass out again? Were you at least on the ground?
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Yes, I think so... [He replies, looking down so he doesn't have to look at his best friend. Blurr feels like a protoform being scolded. It's not like he enjoys passing out or like he does it on purpose.

He looks up at Starscream again, surprised by the gentleness.] Thank. I 'm sorry I was just... [He waves his hands.] Doing that... thing Vector told me... with the feeling of time and space and...Iwillgetiteventually. It tires me a lot and I don't always notice it until it's too late.

Sorry for all the trouble, guys.
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[There's a muttered grumble at Starscream's comment, but Cliffjumper does fall quiet, arms crossed over his chestplate as he skips half jogs alongside Starscream.]

Can't you at least do it with someone else nearby, Blurr? That'd make this a lot slaggin' easier to accept findin' ya faceplate first in some random place!

[Then he glances up at Starscream, shaking his helm.]

Could probably fly him over there though, as long as ya can fly in root.
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I had someone nearby! There's Fra.....wheredidhego? [Blurr looks around, looking for his turbofox. He really has the attention spawn of a rock.] I guess he got distracted.

[Blurr shakes his head and then whistles, hoping that his pet will hear him. His attention gets quickly back on Starscream.]

N-no, I don't want to bother anybody. I can do it alone, it's not trouble. [He always ends with some scratches but that's not so bad, right? Starscream, don't embarrass him further.]I ..uhm... both?
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Frank!? A slaggin' turbofox ain't enough, Blurr! [He maybe shouldn't be snapping, but he is.] And it ain't a smeltin' bother, ya know! You can ask me, if you don't wanna ask anyone else.

[Have a really fierce glare aimed at you, Blurr, and then he glances up at Starscream with a huff.]

'Cause it'll be faster! And I don't have issues keepin' up. I'm right here, ain't I? [He's just going to reach out and slap the kibble hanging down from Starscream's arm.]
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[Blurr is taken aback by Cliffjumper's angry yelling, even though he should have expect it, and tries to make himself smaller in Starscream's embrace.]I know he's trustworthy! you both are...

[He doesn't like to ask for help, that's all. Blurr's about to say more but suddenly there's a flash of silver running in front of them and stopping all of sudden.]

Yip yip yiiiipy yip yip yipy [Meet Blurr's super excitable turbofox, Starscream. He's wondering why are you holding his mech pet.]Yip?
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You're the one who's too fraggin' tall. [Excuse him his little snort and wave of a hand in the air before he frowns at Blurr again.]

Yeah, but that don't help if ya don't ask me. I don't min--- Frank! [It's hard not to grin at the turbofox jumping around.]
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[Frank is happy to see you too Cliffjumper, so happy that he runs in circles around you a few times before jumping and licking your face. In the meantime, Blurr lets go a soft snort at the 'vertically challenged comment' and then tries to hide it with a cough.

He Smiles at Starscream. The elite Guard is starting to understand the way they interact, it's kind of cute.] That I can do. I'm sorry, really. I didn't thought I would pass out again. Ah... that's Frank.

[When he hears his name the turbofox's long ears perk up and his attention gets back to the new mechs he doesn't know. He stands up on his back legs and paws at Starscream's legs.]

Yiiiiiip Yiiiiiiiip. [ Pay attention to me, yes.]
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I ain't--- Gah! Down, Frank! [Excuse Cliffjumper having to deal with being devoured licked half to death, pushing the turbofox down as much as patting him.]

I'm fine, I don't need you to... to carry me! [Thankfully Frank drops down but that just means he has time to react to what Starscream said, and it leaves his optics bright as he shakes his helm.]

And yeah, as long as ya have someone with you, Blurr, that's okay. [Well, kind of.]
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[Blurr can tell they are really worried and he doesn't want to upset his friends.]

Ehh...You can put me down completely, I'm tired but I CAN walk. [Slowly and dragging his feet but he refuses to be a bother any further.]

Besides...[He narrow his optics in amusement and looks at Cliffjumper.] That way you can carry him.

[After that, Blurr laughs as Frank wags his many tails and tried to lick Starscream's hand.]
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That's--- [What is he even supposed to say to that?! Cliffjumper sputters, shaking his helm and ends up rubbing the side of it and glaring elsewhere.

And then Blurr adds to it.]

There'll be no slaggin' carryin'! And you stay where you are, blast it all, Blurr.

And I'm just... doin' what has to be done, ain't nothin'... uh, more than that. [He huffs, flustered still, vaguely gesturing with his hands before settling them at his hips.] You're the one leadin' us on Earth, no matter the help ya got.
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[Frank is not the smartest creature in all fours but he's one of the nicest. He loves being petted and getting attention, you are now on his top ten list of favorite mechs, Starscream.

Seeing Cliffjumper embarrassed shouldn't be this fun. But it is and it's extra funny because, for once, Blurr is not the one being mocked. He ponders telling his friends one more time that HE DOES NOT NEED TO BE CARRIED thank you, he doesn't want to cause more trouble...but it's a lost battle.]...okay. Thanks. I'll compensate you all for this.

[He gives Cliffjumper the quickest of smirks, Knowing that Starscream can't see it. Oh yes, Blurr has some ideas of what to do with them.]
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[Cliffjumper grunts, giving first Starscream and then Blurr a narrow, bright-optic glare.

Not that he has a clue what plans Blurr might be getting from this, but that smirk deserves a glare either way.]

Very funny. And I don't need compensation, Blurr. We're friends. Starscream ain't gonna take any either, ya know.

[He just shakes his helm at that, snorting.]
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Thank you. [Blurr smiles and leans more comfortably against Starscream. You are so big in comparison, it's surprisingly comfortable.] If it's of any consolation, I think I'm getting the gist of it. Perhaps the next time I won't even pass up.

[He glances at Cliffjumper and can't help but laugh a little and murmur a 'Are you pouting?' to him.

You keep being wonderfully unaware of what is going on, Starscream.]

He is, yes. But careful, he has a viscous side too. [A pause.] You would see it if you were a little bug or perhaps one of his tails. He chases those a lot.
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You better, 'cause you keepin' on collapsin' like this ain't a good thing. What if it happens and we've got something weird goin' on...

[Trailing off as he caught Blurr's almost-silent murmur, he stared and shook his helm sharply. 'Like slag.' Why would he be?]

Anyway, should get him to the medic either way, maybe? Even if there wasn't anythin' wrong last time.
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[He gives Cliff a last 'Uh huh, sure' before going back to being serious. He also looked slightly distressed. After all the Starscream of Bulkhead's universe did try to take advantage of his weakness once and Blurr got his arm cut off. His friends had a point.]

I only pass out after practicing for too long...I don't collapse of the blue. I never practice while on the job, you don't have to worry.

Weweredoingnohting. It was just about...Frank. [White lie, get. Upon hearing his name the turbofox starts yipping again.]

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Nothin'. It was nothing.

[That might have been slightly too quick and sharp, but Cliffjumper didn't care and just huffed, shaking his helm.]

And even if ya don't train while you're workin', how's that gonna stop anyone from doin' whatever they fraggin' well want to if they find ya afterwards?
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[Blurr won't deny it a second time to not raise more suspicions. He doesn't look to happy at the prospect of being dragged to the medbay. He likes doctors but not being his patient.]

I know he is but do we really have to go there? I feel fine, just tired. [Starscream is getting the best pleading puppy face Blurr can do.]
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We didn't go last time, so yeah, this time I think we should. What if usin' these powers have some other effect on your systems than just drainin' 'em?

And yeah, nothin'. [Cliffjumper huffed and reached out, giving first Starscream and then Blurr a thump on their armour each.]

Hey, Starscream? Since it looks okay, why don't ya fly to the medbay directly? I come over after and follow ya back, Blurr.
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If they had a negative system Vector Prime would have mentioned it.... [Whine whine whine...also, ouch, Cliff!]

I guess there's no point, no. [It was worth a try.] W-wait, fly me there?
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Who says he knows every effect those powers might have on us! [Cliffjumper's voice is sharp, more because he's frustrated than to be heard about the growing thrumming of Starscream's engines.

Also, suck it up, Blurr.]

Yeah, fly ya there. That'll take the least amount of time, and Starscream ain't gonna let anythin' happen to ya.

[This was, after all, this Starscream, and Cliffjumper's kind-of compliment is given easily, without much thought at all to it.]
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I can fly on my oooowwnnnnnnnnnnnn....

[Weep, too late to complain further. Is not like Blurr's scared to fly but he's not so used to being carried in mid air and he latches onto Starscream's chest almost involuntarily.]
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[Cliffjumper's just going to give the two of them a jaunty wave as Starscream flies off, the other hand on Frank's neck.

He then walked backwards to check the spot where he assumed Starscream had found Blurr, just to check there weren't any evidence of anyone else having been there, and then transformed to drive over to the medbay.

It wasn't particularly hard to get Frank to follow him, especially when he made sure to speed up so the turbofox would have to run.]
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