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WHO: Ratchet and YOU
WHERE: All around Haven and the temples
WHEN: Jan 3rd, Night
WHAT: Ratchet is exploring Haven, trying to learn more about this strange Cybertron
WARNINGS: None as of yet! Will change accordingly

The sound of an engine could he heard roaring across Haven. Upon closer inspection, anyone could see that it was an ambulance, with it's headlights on. The Autobot had some time on his hands, and he had decided to collect some supplies. Supplies for Syn-then, as he promised Percy. He had since let Smokescreen off medbay lockdown, seeing as his systems were back to normal, and he had plenty of time by himself.

It wasn't all that different from how he was back on Earth, or even Cybertron for that matter. He found comfort in working alone, lost in his own thoughts, even now. But the idea of taking care of other beings, besides Cybertronians, it was a daunting task. But Ratchet was determined to learn something from these new beings.

He could hear his supplies rattling in the back of his vehicle. The terrain was starting to get a little bumpy, coming up to the center of Haven. He managed to find a small jump, in which he lands transformed, his supplies in his built-in backpack.

The medic stood tall, over looking the dark sky above him. The rift. Lambada. The very thing which put him here in the first place. A Cybertron untainted by war. It was surreal. But there was much more he had let to learn about this place.

He opened his console on his arm, checking his energon levels.

"Some more exploring will do me some good. Get my...mind off things." he said under his breath before he looked in all the directions of the temples.

{{ooc: Ratchet will be exploring all of Haven, including the temples! You may choose the exact setting as you see fit for your character. With the temples, he will be curious enough to wander through the halls, but not into anyone else's room or the medbays.}}
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Blurr and his pet turbofox Frank were doing some exploring on their own. They checked the junpile from time to time, trying to find some organic food for the humans or useful tools they could rescue from the debris.

This time they had only found a few canes of...something. Blurr had no idea that peaches were, he would have to ask Ventus. It looked like food and thus he stored it in his chest compartment and was heading back to the pantry when he saw the white and orange mech.]

Ratchet! [That was all the advice the medic got before Blurr ran to him at a surprisingly fast speed and tackle hugged him.] SmokescreentoldmeyoucamebackImsoHAPPYtoseeyouagain.
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"Sorry, sorry..." Blurr had the decency to look sheepish as he moved to give Ratched more space. "It's just that you disappeared on us without warning. TWICE! I am REALLY glad to see you again. Where were you? In the badlands? Or you went back to your world like Smokescreen did?"

Blurr talked a mile a minute out of excitement.
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"....Oh." That was disappointing to say the least. Ratchet already left one but he came back with his memories. Blurr was hoping this time would be the same. He took a step back, looking down and giving ratchet some more space.

"I apologize too I shouldn't have...I just wanted to show my appreciation. I was glad to see you back. I still am. I'm Blurr, we used to be friends."
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A subject change that Blurr will take gratefully, at least for now. He wants to know what happened to ratchet in his own world, if he's really okay, but with him not remember their friendship at all it could be seen as meddling in ratchet's private life. He know better than making him uncomfortable again.

"Me and Frank are looking for organic food. There isn't a proper source of nu-tri-en-ts for them in the planet and from time to time the lamba drops cans of other things they can eat."
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Trion's temple probably wasn't the most exciting. Save for the libraries, there wasn't a whole lot there to draw anyone, save for those who lived there. And even then, Kagerou had started out living atop the police station. Now he had no choice...

He was up on the roof, when he saw the medic approach. He was supposed to be doing security work now, wasn't he? That was what had been asked of him... And even with all his apprehensions toward the FirstForged, this was Kay's home too.

He would do anything to protect Kay's home.

Initially, he'd bristled, seeing someone unfamiliar approach. But as the Autobot drew closer, he relaxed. A little. Oh, he knew that shape. And... it gave him a lot of mixed feelings.


He started climbing down the side of the temple, silent as the shadow he was meant to be. Intending to follow the medic before announcing himself.
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He really should announce himself. Or, do something to say he was here. Scaring people wasn't smart. Especially new arrivals.

But... it was mostly trepidation that kept him from following too closely. An unwillingness to intrude where he wasn't wanted. As much as he wanted to be near someone familiar, someone who'd done so much... this version didn't know him. Didn't have the same ties. So he hesitated.

Grow up.

His weight shifted, stealth systems shutting off, and allowed his footsteps to be heavier, more audible.
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He stepped back, quickly. His empty hands spread, wings flaring out in alarm. He really needed to learn not to sneak up on the living robots. The other BP units knew him on sight, but...


He blurted it out before he checked himself.
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He seemed to withdraw a little as he said it. To step back, his wings folding flat, to match his expression. But not before he shrugged, his own optics averted.

You don't remember me.

"You aren't intruding. It isn't my temple, after all."
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"Astounding...?" he repeated, a little uncertainly. He shook his head, slightly. Maybe one day he'd get used to being praised, or be used to someone thinking he was special. Apparently today wasn't the day.

"I'm a stealth model," he said. "I was made to be unnoticed. I'm not meant to be seen."

He didn't know how to answer anything about his materials. He'd never really questioned it. Or found out that information before.

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He tilted his head, abruptly. Part of him wanted to go over and help. He even extended a hand over to try and help the medic stand... but withdrew it, uncertainly. His wings flicked, flattening down against his back.

The question didn't really help matters, either.

He nodded.

"Human beings built me. They built all the Brave Police units."
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He seemed to wilt a little, under the scrutiny. His wings flattened to his back, head bowing, as his posture suggested apology, subservience. His first response to someone seeming to judge him.

Even if that wasn't really what was happening here.

Though he did perk up a little at the word "ninja". He blinked.

"I'm... supposed to," he admitted. "As a stealth model. That's what I'm supposed to look like."
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Impressive...? He blinked, lifting his head from where he'd lowered it. He'd never thought of himself as impressive.

Not once.

Imagine what they'd think, if they saw the real article.

"I wasn't given that data," he murmured, quietly. "The mechanics would have kept it. I know... how to maintain things. But little else."
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There are other newcomers here, doing some exploration of their own. One of whom happened to be a certain Predacon. He had heard tales of a few of these 'FirstForged' and noticed several of the temples in his flights to find Skylynx and Metalhawk and had been intrigued. But of course he had to start with his own temple first. Vector's place was very handsome with halls wide and tall enough to fly in, but for now he was exploring them on foot. Or paw, really.

What can he say? There's something comfortable about beast mode for him.

Though he does eventually catch sight of someone else exploring who is much more interesting than the walls and empty rooms. He chirps to himself, narrowing his optics slyly. Time to mess with a medic.

How does he do this? By dashing up behind Ratchet and screeching, before bounding a ways back and dipping into what looks like a dog's play bow, his stubby tail wagging.

He's not allowed to eat anyone or light them on fire, but no one said anything about scaring the living daylights out of them.
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Ratchet he totally saw you flinch and that look on your face. You were totally scared. His laugh is rather birdish and yet ursine, chattery and rumbling at the same time, optics glowing brightly. He likes you, you're fun! His tail wags a bit longer - almost taking his hindquarters with it and he chirps before raising to standing and then transforming.

Yep, that is definitely a grin. And he's still snickering. What a jerk.

He doesn't recognize Ratchet - he hadn't been there for the battle against Unicron and the Predacons had left shortly after - but Darksteel does recognize people from his same world. And this bot is definitely one of them. Also that is not Vector's symbol on Ratchet's shoulder and he knows little enough about the FirstForged as it is.

"You are from the same world as I, but not the same temple. You are exploring, then?"
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Come on, tearing people limb from limb is boring. Now, if you toss someone around first it can be interesting, but only then. Either way, he's not going to do that to Ratchet. He'd get in trouble.

Darksteel dips to take a look at the symbol on Ratchet's shoulder. Different than his, absolutely. "I have not seen that one yet. I am part of Vector's." He motions to his own shoulder.

"Certain resources? Of what kind?"
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You may not see it right away, Ratchet, but Wheeljack's out there too. He doesn't exactly notice the medic either. It's off in Solus's sector, and it appears the bot is...feeling along the sides of the ravines, looking for..something It was obvious in how he moved, shaking his head before pressing his palms somewhere else.

"Bah, I'm not pickin' up anythin' here."

That was all he could utter as he continued his work, wings idly flicking as he remains hunched over.

What could he possibly be looking for...?
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Wheeljack's head snapped around at his name, blue eyes shot wide. He hadn't expected anyone to be out here, really. Even for large frames like them, the sectors were rather expansive, and finding someone else was like finding a needle in a haystack if you went out far enough.

But seeing it's Ratchet, that instantly subsides. It was someone from his world--something he hasn't been able to say in awhile that didn't apply to Bulkhead, at least not with the same gusto--and a hand goes to his hips.

This...could look pretty odd, couldn't it.

"Metal, pretty much."

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Right. It was hard to explain this in a way that wouldn't seem like Wheeljack had jumped the shark when it came to his mental state. Which was, without a doubt, the first sensible reasoning. His hand keeps to the rock they were on, eyes squinting as he keeps his palm there, contemplating.

"There's some. Nothin' worth notin'."


He starts walking leaping down a ledge to a lower tier of Solus's valleys, looking back up.

"Been busy since you were...uh...before you were here." That's right...this wasn't the first Ratchet, as odd as it was to say.
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At that statement, his hand goes to the back of his helm, almost avoiding his gaze a moment. "Yeah. You that here, if ya play your cards right. Ya might say Solus Prime and I are on speakin' terms. It's from her."

Yeah, he knows just how weird that sounds.

"The longer you're get powers, in a way. Ya follow?"


He falls silent at that last part, except for--"I'll show ya."
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"Believe me, Doc, I'm not that creative to make up this scrap. And if I did, can't say metallurgy would be my first pick to lie about"

It was true, he'd go for something that sounded a bit more up his alley.

"In this place, ya do nothin' BUT think."

He hops down another ledge, going deeper and deeper into the ravine.
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"You really wanna see?" That head perks up, looking over at the medic. He could show him, although he worried about the potential reaction.

It was surprising to him already--he could only guess how Ratchet would take it. Still, a hand goes to the side of the ravine, his head tilting up in thought.

"...Mostly metallic rock. Some kinda mix of iron n' cybertronium. Maybe some trithyllium too. Hard to tell."