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Thundercracker ([personal profile] notyourblueangel) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-11-24 02:01 pm

When you've fallen off a horse...

WHO: Thundercracker and OPEN
WHERE: Police HQ in Prima's quadrant
WHEN: Shortly after Blurr's announcement
WHAT:  Haven's token Decepticon police officer returns to HQ for the first time since before the storm
WARNINGS: None at present . . . unless grumpy Seeker counts

Thundercracker flew across Haven as slowly as he could without dropping out of the sky, taking in the sights below him.  His feelings about the place were mixed, so very mixed.  But . . . for better or worse, it was home now.  It was where he was stuck, first and foremost.  It was where he'd regained a huge measure of the freedom he'd lost so very long ago, and for several horrific days thought he'd lost in ways he could never have imagined before.  This also was where he'd made friends - not just acquaintances with whom he got along well enough and trusted for the most part not to shoot him in the back at a given opportunity . . . but friends, real friends.  Blurr, Four, Ventus, McCrane, Barricade, Fracas, Rose, the white Megatron, silly Ravage . . . and those were just the ones he could pull off the top of his head.  People he trusted with his back, people he trusted like . . .

. . . like he trusted Skywarp.

The pain of loss was . . . lessening, if still sharp, terribly sharp.  But he'd done his searching, he'd done his grieving, he'd had his fits and his nightmares over that hellish other self he'd been forced to endure for days (and still had nightmares about, if he were honest with himself), and Blurr's message reminded the Seeker that he had jobs to do.  He was still a bouncer at the Hub's bar and, more importantly, he was still a member of the Haven police force.

He'd not been back to the headquarters since he'd found himself...himself again.  The memories of the other Seeker's torturous experiences with the authorities of his reality had made it hard . . . though what had made it harder were the memories of what that Seeker had said to his allies, his friends.  Shame - especially in facing McCrane and Blurr again - had kept him away, but enough was enough.

And so, after making a few lazy passes over Haven, his home, he banked and angled for Prima's quadrant, landing outside of the police headquarters.  In root mode, he paused only briefly, wings flicking, before he strode inside, heading for his desk. 

He had work to do.

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